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Kids can go green too! Here are some helpful hints on how you can help the planet:

1. Keep the lights turned off during the day. Let the natural sunshine light your room instead.

2. Put down the video games and go play outside! Playing video games on the computer or TV uses a lot of energy. Choose to save energy by playing outside with friends or reading a book.
3. When traveling shorter distances, walk, ride your bike or take the bus instead of traveling by car.
4. Talk to your parents about planting a tree in your backyard. This helps the environment and can provide shade from the hot sun, which can also help to keep your house cooler.
5. Reuse clothing: when you outgrow your clothes, don’t throw them away! Instead, hand them down to your younger brother or sister, or donate them to someone in need.
6. Show Mom or Dad how easy it is to be green by remembering to bring along eco-friendly cotton cloth bags to the grocery store instead of using paper or plastic bags.
7. Pack your lunch in a reusable container instead of paper and plastic bags.
8. Conserve water by taking shorter showers and turning off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth. Make it a game and compete with your family to see who can take the shortest shower.

9. Follow these simple steps to set up a recycling system at home:

  • Ask for recycling bins from your local recycling center or just use empty boxes around the house.
  • Set up an area at home for the different recycling bins (newspapers, magazines, paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cardboard).
  • Make a label for each bin, clearly stating which bin is for which material.
  • Show your family how easy it is to recycle everyday
  • Help out mom or dad by taking the recycling bins out to the curb on recycling pick-up day.
10. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!