Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area,  Charles Rogan graduated H.S. in June 1992 and after a failed attempt at college, he joined the Marines in April 1993. After his initial training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (MCRD) and Military Occupational Specialty training (MOS) at Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Pendleton (ITB), he was shipped off to his first duty station as a basic infantryman (MOS 0311). Rogan’s first duty station was with Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in beautiful Twenty Nine Palms, CA. While assigned to G. Co. 2/7 between the years of 1993 to 2001, he was promoted from PFC (E-2) to Sergeant (E-5). Rogan also went on three deployments to Okinawa, Japan,  one deployment to Nairobi, Kenya, one deployment to the Philippines, and one deployment to Korea. He also picked up the additional MOS's of 0331 Machine Gunner, 0341 Mortar-man and 0369 Infantry Platoon Sergeant.

Rogan became a Military Operations in Urban Terrain Instructor (MOUT) and a Designated Marksman (DM). In 2001, he transferred from 2/7 to Bravo Company, 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, which was also stationed in 29 Palms. There he was made the Weapons Platoon Sergeant and picked up the 0313 Light Armored Vehicle Crewman MOS. During his time with 3rd LAR, 2001 to 2004, Rogan was promoted from Sergeant (E-5) to Staff Sergeant (E-6). He also went on one deployment to Okinawa,  and one deployment to Kuwait/Iraq. They were deployed to Kuwait in January 2003 and Invaded Iraq in March. They were one of the lead units in the invasion of Iraq. In their month-long push to Bagdad, they were ambushed 3 times (most notable the ambush at the 18 Northing), and were involved in the battles for Diwaniyah, Nasiriyah, Bagdad, and later on, Tikrit. Rogan was transferred from 3rd LAR to Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. While assigned to E. Co. 2/3, 2004/2005, he was assigned as 2nd Platoon Sergeant. In 2005, Rogan was transferred to Headquarters and Service Battalion and assigned as the SNCOIC of the MCB Kaneohe Bay Rifle Range. While assigned to the range from 2005 to 2007, he was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant (E-7). Rogan also became a Primary Weapons Instructor (PMI) and a Small Arms Weapons Instructor (SAWIC). He was honorably discharged as a Gunnery Sergeant in 2007.

Rogan is currently working as a freight train conductor with Union Pacific Railroad in Mojave, CA. He is happily married to Mrs. Cheryl Rogan. Between the two of them, they have eight children between the ages of 7 and 29, (only the 7-year-old still lives with them in the home while the others are out of the house).


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