Expo Park / Coliseum Tailgate Policies

- Football Gameday Traffic Flow

- Scheduled Street Closures (English)
- Scheduled Street Closures (Spanish)


1.    The public parking lots in Exposition Park surrounding the Coliseum and Sports Arena are managed by the Office of Exposition Park Management, a department of the State of California‚Äôs Natural Resources Agency. Please help us in keeping a safe environment and positive guest experience for all guests in the park.
2.    Tailgating is allowed only in your parking space, in front or behind your vehicle only. Tailgating equipment must not block pedestrian or vehicle access.  The use of multiple spaces without a vehicle is prohibited.
3.    A small canopy (not larger than 10'x10') may be erected in front of or behind your vehicle only.
4.    Box trucks, trailers, grill in-tow or any catering service from an outside source are not permitted in parking lots.
5.    Tailgating is not permitted in Lot 3 or the Visitor Parking Structure.
6.    Excessively loud noise or amplified music, such as a DJ or live band, is prohibited.
7.    Open flames are prohibited in all parking lots. Charcoal and gas grills must be covered and raised off the ground. Please dispose of charcoal in marked dispensers, never under or inside your vehicle.
8.    Generators and grills must have a fire extinguisher present while operational.  Please use care when storing flammable materials and be courteous to neighboring parking spaces in regards to noise and exhaust.
9.    Glass containers or bottles are prohibited in all areas of Exposition Park. All drinks and items should be placed in plastic or disposable containers.
10.    Tailgating may not lock or restrict access to portable toilets.  The use or creation of personal toilets or unregulated bathroom facilities is prohibited.
11.    The Coliseum Fan Code of Conduct is enforced at all times during a Coliseum event.
12.    Please clean up your area after your tailgate. Tied-up trash bags may be left in the lot for collection or disposed of in available dumpsters.
13.    Tailgating after kick-off is prohibited which includes the use of televisions, computers or other devices to view or project broadcasts or video of any kind.

1.    Exposition Park parking lots close 90 minutes after the end of the event.  Overnight parking or camping is prohibited.
2.    There is no re-entry for parking.  Vehicles may not leave and re-enter the parking lot.
3.    Vehicles parked on city streets are subject to citation.  This includes Vermont Blvd., Bill Robertson Lane, Figueroa Blvd., Exposition Blvd. or Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The use of Drone aircraft or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) is prohibited at all times in Exposition Park and surrounding areas without first obtaining a permit and authorization from the State of California.