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While interacting, we recommend certain writing standards. Please consider your tone and your comments as all participants will have access to your message. Writing in ALL CAPS is considered yelling and inappropriate.

When posting comments, other user can not see your facial expression or hear your tone, and may misinterpret your comments. Because of this, you may find yourself in disagreement with someone else's opinion. At times like these, please keep in mind it's safer and more polite to take issue with the comments rather than the person.

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- Any communication that contains spam (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas).
- Material that defames, abuses or threatens others.
- Another user's personal information or identification without permission. This includes personal photos, address, phone number, email address, instant messenger screen name, information on the user's family, home or work.
- Statements that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.
- Photos in the subject title line.
- Large text in the subject title line.
- Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
- Unauthorized copyrighted material.
- Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation.
- Material that impedes or otherwise prohibits communication; disrupts the discussion including, without limitation, using fan names in topical boards that are offensive to the topic, the team, the sport and/or its fans, and repeatedly posting off-topic messages in a topical message board.

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