‘Modern Family’ Actor, Rams Fan Ty Burrell Meets with Team Saturday

Posted Nov 2, 2013


Ty Burrell, star of the hit television series ‘Modern Family’ and devoted Rams fan, took time away from his busy schedule to visit Rams Park on Saturday before watching the team take on the Tennessee Titans at the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday. Burrell, who grew up in Oregon, has been a fan of the Rams since their days in Los Angeles.

“It dates back to our parents, who grew up in Southern California,” Burrell said. “It was the family team, and when the Rams moved to (St. Louis) we stuck with them.”

Despite having to follow the team from afar, Burrell has been as in tune and devoted to his team as ever. He maintains a familiarity with the team’s progress each week, and has rarely missed a game on television.  Such a scenario proved more difficult as a kid, when Burrell would keep up with the team by receiving monthly editions of the team’s publication at the time—‘Ram Pages’—from family members in California.

“Thank God for the NFL (Network) package,” Burrell said. “I’m able to watch every game. What’s crazy is that there is so much more information today, that I follow them closer now than I did as a kid.”

Sunday will be the first game attended by Burrell since a 1995 exhibition game against the Oakland Raiders. He chose Sunday in particular due to the team’s honoring of the 1999 Rams by wearing throwback uniforms from that year’s Super Bowl Championship team. Burrell has a particular affinity for the previous color scheme, as it evokes memories of watching Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson, among others, during his youth.

Burrell attended the team’s walk-through on Saturday before meeting with players and team officials, a thrill for the Emmy award-winning actor, who boasts more than 30 television and film credits. While professional athletes and on-screen actors have significantly different challenges in their respective professions, Burrell does see some correlation between the two.

“Toughness, agility and strength aside, of which there are no similarities, there are some fun parallels,” Burrell said. “We all make our living in front of people, and there’s a weird dynamic to the pressure of doing your job when your profession is in front of lots of people who scrutinize what you do or judge what you do or cheer for you, and the ups and downs of that. Trying to be your best in public performance is the same psychology for both.”

For a fan who has followed the progression of the team from its days in Los Angeles to the success of the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ and beyond, Burrell is encouraged by the trajectory of his favorite NFL franchise.

“I really feel like we’re on the cusp of something really good,” Burrell said. “I think with (Head Coach Jeff) Fisher and (offensive coordinator Brian) Schottenheimer, their system in its second year. I really feel like we have a chance to do well this year. It’s really fun to see this team right now.”