A Week in the Life: Alec Ogletree

Posted Sep 28, 2016

From big plays on the field to inspiring moves off the field, linebacker Alec Ogletree lived a busy life last week.

From big plays on the field to inspiring moves off the field, linebacker Alec Ogletree lived a busy life last week. Recap his milestone week that begins with a game-saving fumble recovery at home versus Seattle to a birthday victory down in Tampa. 

Sunday, September 18

Ogletree started the week with a bang! His late game heroics helped seal a victory over division rival Seattle in the first game back in Los Angeles in more than 20 years.

Immediately following his fourth quarter fumble recovery, he ran straight into the Coliseum crowd to give the game ball to his family. 

Monday, September 19

Not only did the Rams homecoming win over the Seahawks make news, but Ogletree's postgame attire also made headlines. The Crying Jordan will live on in internet infamy.

Tuesday, September 20

This day was all about the airwaves. Ogletree spent his players day off speaking with two national radio programs.

Doug Gottlieb Show

The Doug Gottlieb Show is a weekday sports talk and debate radio show on CBS Sports Radio, that airs Monday-Friday from 3 pm ET for three hours till 6 pm ET.

SiriusXM NFL Radio

Late Hits with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian

Wednesday, September 21

Ogletree took some time after practice to host Make-A-Wish of Greater Los Angeles' Rams Night of Wishes.

The event was a fun-filled night of fundraising, wish-granting and celebration as the Make-A-Wish L.A. chapter welcomed the Rams back to Los Angeles and kicked off a new friendship.

You can still help the cause by donating to help grant wishes in Los Angeles by clicking here

Thursday, September 22

ESPN His & Hers was the next stop on the media circuit for Ogletree. 

His & Hers is a sports discussion show hosted by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill and is televised on ESPN2.

Friday, September 23

Ogletree continued with his community service honors. On Friday, he was named the Rams recipient of the Wells Fargo Community Player of the Week.

Read about Ogletree's community involvement here: "Community Player of the Week"

Sunday, September 35

GameDay was also a birthday for Ogletree. He turned 25 years old.

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with an NFL road victory!