Cheerleader Alexis' Amazing Pro Bowl Experience

Posted Feb 5, 2016

Rams Cheerleader Alexis serves as team representative at the 2016 Pro Bowl in Hawaii

Along with defensive tackle Aaron Donald, running back Todd Gurley and punter Johnny Hekker, the Rams sent one more member from its team to the Pro Bowl this season, veteran cheerleader Alexis.

Alexis was chosen as the Rams’ representative for the Pro Bowl, where she and one member of every other NFL cheerleading squad spent the week in Hawaii for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Along with rehearsing our routines every day before the game, we had community appearances, charity events and pre-game events like the Pro Bowl Draft, pep rally and tailgate,” Alexis said. “We also had a chance to visits places like Pearl Harbor. And of course, all of these were leading up to the Pro Bowl.”

Alexis’ inclusion in the game was announced at the Rams’ home game against the Lions. It was a surprise for whoever was going to be selected and it was an honor Alexis wasn’t expecting to receive.

“It was a pretty surreal moment,” Alexis said. “Each year the Pro Bowl cheerleader is ‘crowned’ with a Hawaiian lei, and when she put the lei on me, my mouth dropped to the ground. Being selected among the 29 other kind, intelligent and beautiful women on our team is a huge honor that I am extremely humbled by.”

The Pro Bowl is always a special event to attend, and even more so for the girls who receive the honor of cheering in the game. Alexis could not have pictured a better way for her first trip to Hawaii.

“I was super excited to visit Hawaii for the first time, especially being a part of a prestigious event such as the Pro Bowl” Alexis said. “All of our former Pro Bowl Cheerleaders have told me that week will be the best week of my life, and it was. It was great to meet the other Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from all the other NFL teams and all the Rams fans who attended the game and other festivities.”