Cheerleader Spotlight: Jennifer

Posted Dec 11, 2013

Though she was born and raised in the St. Louis area, the path to becoming a St. Louis Rams cheerleader took her all over the world and back.

Jennifer began dancing with her high school team, eventually becoming a captain both her junior and senior year. While she was there, St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders would visit her school to give critiques and prep the girls for competitions. Already she had a taste of what cheering for the Rams would mean.

In college Jennifer danced for the official dance team of the Marching Illini at the University of Illinois, the Illinettes while also spending time with Dance 2XS Caliente – a salsa performance group on campus. Her involvement with the latter organization allowed her to fall in love with the Spanish language and culture. She then decided to double major in International Studies and Spanish. This decision led her to live abroad in Spain for two years while she finished up her undergraduate degree and then earned a master’s in translation.

I believe it’s important to broaden your horizons and realize the world you live in every day isn’t the only one that exists,” Jennifer says. “Living over there and being exposed to their everyday life and culture was an amazing experience.”

When Jennifer returned to the St. Louis area, she knew that she wanted to pursue dance once more and find away to give back to the community. Remembering the mentors she had as a teenager, she decided to audition for the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders and made the squad that first year.

Four years later, Jennifer finds it difficult to pin point one exact moment with the organization as a favorite, but the opportunities it allotted to travel the world once more sit high atop that list.

“Being able to go to the London International Game last year was definitely an incredible experience,” Jennifer says. “To see their passion in understanding American culture and football was great. We weren’t just tourists at Wimbley Field and Trafalgar Square, we were a part of history there.”

She also counts any opportunity to give back to the city where she grew up as something to be grateful for.

“Each organization that we partner with or volunteer with impacts different types of people throughout the city,” Jennifer says. “It’s a really unique position to be in and one that I’m definitely proud to be a part of.”

When she isn’t traveling, dancing at games or volunteering, Jennifer works as a demand planner for Brown Shoe Company while also completing the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s MBA program.

Though she has a lot on her plate, Jenn takes it all in stride.

“Being a St. Louis Rams Cheerleader allows me an avenue to do what I love,” Jenn says. “I have the privilege of performing in front of a stadium of fans and cheer for the team that I’ve rooted for my whole life. The whole experience is just simply amazing.”