Cheerleaders Alaska Blog: Clear Air Force - Day 5

Posted Feb 8, 2012

Hi Rams Fans,

I just spent my last day here in Alaska and it was great. We began our day with a meet and greet at Clear Air Force base. We were able to meet more soldiers, sign autographs and just spend time getting to know the people on base. It was so nice being able to sit down and talk with the soldiers, learning about what they did prior to joining the air force and what made them decide to enlist.

After we finished our time at Clear Air Force Base, we then headed over to Fort Wainwright to  spend some quality time with Commander Johnson. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Listening to him talk about his experiences in the military and all the adventures he had was simply amazing. We are so fortunate to have soldiers like him fighting to protect our country and our freedom.

After spending time with the Commander, we took a tour of the 1-52 Aviation, Hanger 1, and the fire station. We finished our last day by driving to see the Northern Lights, which were unbelievably beautiful. I have had such a wonderful time here in Fairbanks, Alaska and am happy I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and to be able to take the time out to say thank you to our troops.

Goodnight Rams Fans. I’ll see you in St. Louis!

Ashley W.