Cheerleaders Alaska Blog: Glenner and Debra - Day 4

Posted Feb 6, 2012

Hi Rams Fans,

It’s Monday night here in Fairbanks, and we had a day full of excitement. We began our day by heading over to the local radio station X-Rock, where we were able to chat with on-air hosts Glenner and Debra during their morning show. After the show, we headed back to Eielson Air Force Base where we were spent more time with the members of the Air Force. We had so much fun!  We even put together a “Cheerleader Tunnel” for “Team Air Force” to run through as if they were starting players for their own football team.  Next, it was off to spend time with the children on base. We were able to answer questions, take pictures and sign autographs for the kids as well. The children were so happy to see us.  Being able to spend time and bring happiness to not only the troops, but to their families as well, is my favorite part of this Fairbanks, Alaska experience.

Until tomorrow, goodnight Rams fans!