Cheerleaders Alaska Blog: Yukon Quest - Day 2

Posted Feb 5, 2012

Hi Rams Fans,

I just returned to the hotel from our first full exciting day here in Fairbanks, Alaska. We began our day with the annual Yukon Quest 1000 Mile international Sled Dog Race. The experience was one I will never forget. Being up close to an actual sled dog race was simply breath taking. The fun continued as we participated in a cheer clinic for the military children. We were able to spend time teaching routines to the children as well as playing games. I truly enjoyed this event, as we were able to spend time getting to know the children and bringing something new and exciting to their town. After the cheer clinic, we attended a meet and greet at the military base’s bowling alley. The military soldiers as well as their families joined us, and we were able to get a couple of bowling games in too! I am having such a wonderful time here in Fairbanks, Alaska. The people are so nice and welcoming. Spending time with the military families has heightened my already elevated respect for them as they are able to stay strong and keep up their morale while their loved ones are off fighting to keep peace and protect our country. What an honor and blessing it is for me to be here with the troops and their families. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Until tomorrow Rams Fans, goodnight!