Cheerleaders Mexico Blog: Mexico City - Day 1

Posted Feb 4, 2012


After a short layover in Houston we landed safely in Mexico City around 9pm. We successfully navigated through customs and were promptly greeted by Jose and Guillermo, our security guards for the trip. Both are incredibly helpful. Guillermo has even served as a security guard for his president before! We have no fear they will keep us safe during our time in Mexico City.

The accommodations are incredible. We have a beautiful view of the city from our 41st floor hotel rooms. The city lights shine through the night and prove the Mexico City is still very much active late into the evening.  At the hotel we shared a delicious meal with Jorge and Anais, our hosts from NFL Mexico. We enjoyed hearing about some of their customs and sharing some of our local hobbies with them. Jorge was able to visit St. Louis last fall so we all reminisced over his trip and favorite places in St. Louis. Jorge said St. Louis is one of his favorite cites in all of the United States.

It’s a short night for us tonight. We have a lot on the agenda for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Buenos noches,
Your St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders