Cunningham Buys Mother Her First Home

Posted Jul 29, 2016

Rams running back Benny Cunningham surprised his mother by purchasing her first home. Video reaction inside.

Los Angeles Rams running back Benny Cunningham is known for his kick returns and ability to break tackles. In fact, Cunningham was best in the league with one broken tackle every three touches.

However on Thursday, Cunningham made a huge return off the field. He bought his mother her first house in his home state of Tennessee.

“Growing up in the neighborhood I did. It was always my dream to get my mother out of that situation," Cunningham said. "So it was just a blessing to financially be able to do that.”

The Middle Tennessee State standout worked very closely with his financial advisor to pick out the perfect house for his mom.

“We figured out what type of place she liked, took her to see a lot of places and then we picked out the best one.”

As Cunningham prepares for the first day of Rams training camp in Irvine, he can rest a little easier knowing his mother can too.

“It was a really special moment," Cunningham said. "I’m glad she is able to experience having her own home for once in her life. I’m just thankful that I could do something like that for my mom."

Watch Benny's mom's react to owning her first home. >Watch the reaction<