Fans Across the Globe Share How They Became Rams Supporters

Posted Feb 23, 2018

Rams fans across the globe share their stories about how they came across the franchise and became supporters.

The NFL fandom is a truly global one, stretching from cities around the United States, across the pond to the United Kingdom, and beyond. The Los Angeles Rams have played in London for the past two seasons and will venture to Mexico City to take on the Chiefs in 2018.

And as the NFL’s international series continues to expand, more and more sports fans around the world are beginning to follow professional American football — with many choosing the L.A. Rams as their “home” team.

This week, the United Kingdom’s No. 1 fan account — @LARams_UK — posed this question to its followers: “How did you become a Rams fan?” 

The responses were filled with a variety of interesting and unique, personal anecdotes ranging from a chance encounter in a video game, to breakups, to familial ties. Take a look at some of the best responses below and be sure to check out more of the answers on the Los Angeles Rams UK Twitter Page.