Fans Remember Deacon Jones

Posted Jun 4, 2013


Always a man of the people, Deacon Jones spent plenty of time with his fans. Upon his passing Monday evening, fans have not hesitated to share their stories and memories of him.

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Steve, Long Island, NY

Nick what a sad time for Rams Fans and all football fans, the passing of Deacon Jones. I have been a Rams fan since 1951. I was born in LA, I went so many games is LA in the 50s and the 60, I saw him play so many time. I think he is the greatest DE that ever played the game. And the fearsome foursome was the best defense ever, our thoughts and prayers go out to Deacon’s family. Rest in peace, Deacon.

Ken, Anaheim, Calif.

Hi Nick, It's truly a sad day for Ram fans all over the world. I am old enough too have gone to the Rams games when I lived in LA. My father and I would show up for the games an hour and a half early and watch them worm up. Deacon used to race our Rbs and Wrs just for fun during warm ups, beat them all and laugh. Then he'd scare the QB for about four quarters, yelling and pointing his huge fingers at them as if he would be predicting certain death. Man could he chirp at people when he drag them down from behind, I think he was the first to start that. You could hear the head slaps all around the Coliseum, I think that's where they came up with the term bubble headed dolls, just watching Right OTs heads bop around after Deacon would slap them. We would just shake our heads in sympathy for the poor guy, now those were the days. God bless him, we will miss his laugh always.

JoolzMF, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Nick, growing up as a Los Angeles Rams fan here in the UK, the guy I loved to watch play (and became the reason why I chose them as my team) was Eric Dickerson. As my love for the team grew over the years, I started to look closer at the history of the franchise. And I tried to find as much information on a group of friends who were known as "The Fearsome Foursome" - four defensive players who became THE most feared line in the history of the NFL. And the guy that stood out in that group? David "Deacon" Jones, the "Secretary of Defense". The guy who, to me, was the baddest man to ever play the game, and the ONE player in the history of the sport that I wish I had the opportunity to have seen play. I heard that Deacon, Merlin, Lamar and Rosey were "brothers" off the field as well as on it, and that even before his passing Deacon was giving help and advice - not only to recent generations of players, but communities and fans too... RIP "No.75" - you'll be missed.

Chris, Los Angeles

It was decided long before his day is birth date that my son would be named Deacon. Strangely enough on the day of his birth, Deacon Jones's number was retired by the Rams - June 22, 2009. I guess it was meant to be.

Fred, Boise, Idaho

Sorry to see the passing of the inventor of the "sack" the great Deacon Jones. Him, the rest of the Fearsome Foursome and the movie of "Crazy Legs" made me a Ram fan as a young boy! Forty plus years later I'm still with the team and root for them just as hard (maybe harder)! Now Deacon Jones is going for the biggest Quarterback of All! Prayers to his family and all of the Rams organization! Hope the current defensive front four breaks the sack total for him in tribute!! THANK YOU DEACON JONES GODSPEED!!

Juan, Bethesda, Mary.

Nick, Deacon Jones was one of the main reasons I started following the Rams when I was a boy. To this day I remember my 8th grade Art Class teacher becoming very annoyed with me, since all I wanted to draw was pictures of the Fearsome Foursome. Forty-three years later, I still have a vivid image in my memory of those drawings of Deacon rushing and sacking the quarterback. This morning I watched NFL Films' episode of The Fearsome Foursome, and was humbled and awed and touched by what Deacon and his line mates accomplished and meant to each other on and off the field. May God bless and welcome Deacon Jones.

Don Riley, New Jersey

In all the years I've been a Rams fan. I've never had one favorite player (one favorite Ram). But, when I think of the Rams the first player who always seems to come to mind is David "Deacon" Jones. A very powerful figure. It doesn't seem possible that any one single player could replace such a Heroic Defensive Icon, whose achievements are a "reality"..... of Mythical proportions.