Fisher Names Hill Starting QB

Posted Nov 12, 2014

Head coach Jeff Fisher named Shaun Hill the Rams' starting quarterback on Wednesday.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher announced after Wednesday’s practice that the team has shifted to Shaun Hill as its starting quarterback. 

“It’s never an easy decision when you make a change in the middle part of the season,” Fisher said. “But we looked at things Monday night and had lengthy discussions with the offensive staff, and just felt that the best thing to do at this point going forward was to lean on the experienced quarterback.”

Hill suffered a quad injury in the Rams’ Week 1 loss to the Vikings, and Austin Davis took over at the position. Fisher named Davis the full-time starter following the bye week. The head coach said he told the team today that he appreciated Davis’ hard work, poise, dedication, and tireless effort in preparation. Fisher also noted that when Davis was named the starter, Hill had, for all internets and purposes, lost his job due of injury. 

“You all understand why we went that way -- because of the production that we got earlier out of Austin,” Fisher said. “The last few weeks have been difficult for him. The defenses that he’s faced have been especially good. And, again, I don’t want to present anything that appears to be cloudy, but this is -- in my opinion and the offensive staff’s opinion -- what’s best for this football team right now.”

Hill has started 27 games in his career -- 16 with the 49ers, 10 with the Lions, and one with the Rams earlier this season. The 34 year old has completed 61.9 percent of his career passes for 6,462 yards with 41 touchdowns and only 24 interceptions. 

While he said there is an excitement level to being named the starter, Hill maintained that it’s all back to business now. 

“I’m just one-eleventh on offense, and you go out and you prepare the best you can for Sunday,” he said. “You always try to prepare as if you’re going to play, even when you’re going in as the backup. So as far as preparation goes, nothing has to change.”

Fisher said that Hill has been great in the No. 2 role and is in good position to transition to being the starter. 

“He’s been preparing the defense every week, giving us a great look,” Fisher said. “And they just trade places now. Austin’s doing the best he can, if it’s possible, to get close to what Peyton does on the field.”

As for Davis, he acknowledged that he was disappointed but recognized that his play had been too up and down. 

“Just have got to find a way to play more consistently, not turn the ball over in critical situations,” Davis said. “At the end of the day, you’ve got to find a way to win. That’s how we’re all graded and we’re all judged.”

Despite his disappointment, Davis expressed a desire to help Hill as much as possible. 

“I think the reason I was able to do what I did earlier this year was because of Shaun’s support for me,” Davis said. “So I think I owe it to him to show him that same kind of support, and same kind of respect and be a great teammate.”

“It’s a different role, it’s a different position, and hopefully with what I’ve done, I’ve gained some respect in this locker room,” Davis continued. “And I’m going to continue to be the same guy, just in a different role.”