Fisher, Snead Prepare for Draft Day

Posted May 6, 2014

Jeff Fisher and Les Snead issued support for Sam Bradford and eagerness toward the Draft in today's press conference.

Though NFL draft rumor mills and misinformation mixed with the occasional nugget of truth is standard fare between the weeks following the Super Bowl and the month of April, such speculation has a way of reaching a fever pitch during the week of the draft.

Dispelling the latest prominent rumors, Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher reiterated his support for QB Sam Bradford in a joint pre-draft press conference with General Manager Les Snead.

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“With respect to Sam, he’s our starter,” Fisher said. “As you know, the reason I took this job is for of our owner and because of Sam, our quarterback. We have all the confidence in the world that he’ll be back. We also have a responsibility to continue to upgrade this roster. As it would suggest, if the right guy is there to serve in a backup role to Sam, then we’ll do our due diligence.”

With much attention brought to a recent private workout that featured Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, Snead and Fisher emphasized the visit as a catch-all workout that also included receiver Mike Evans and offensive tackle Jake Matthews.

“Over two weeks, we worked out 45 players in person,” Fisher said. “We did go to A&M. Johnny was probably one of a dozen quarterbacks that we looked at during this process.”

Fisher and Snead remarked on the ample depth available at multiple positions in this year’s draft, which has led to considerable uncertainty regarding the first overall selection by Houston. The Rams will certainly be prepared for all scenarios, as they have outlined a myriad of options for the second overall pick.

“We’ve identified six to eight players who we think could potentially fit us at two, and we’ve gone on with the additional process at (No.) 13. That’s been the challenge for us upstairs. You don’t want to get consumed with one pick and get caught off guard, so we have a couple different scenarios.”

Following a theme that has been consistent throughout the offseason, Fisher and Snead once again spoke confidently of the state of the team’s receiver position, a group that received further addition to its depth Tuesday, with the signing of St. Charles native and University of Missouri graduate T.J. Moe. Still, with a receiver class that has widely been characterized as one of the deepest in recent memory, the Rams certainly remain open to a drafting a difference-maker at the position, whether it be Evans, Clemson’s Sammy Watkins or another high-impact receiver.

Certainly, with the second overall pick at their disposal, Snead and Fisher find themselves placed in an enviable position to land that difference-maker, regardless of position.

“In this situation, there are 250-260 players drafted,” Snead said. “If there’s 260 players getting drafted, you’ve got a shot at 259 of them. You’ve got to get the board right when you’re picking Two, and you’ve got to figure out who might be in play in all types of scenarios.”