Johnny's Journal: Monday

Posted Jan 21, 2014

Editor's Note: Rams punter Johnny Hekker will be documenting his week in Hawaii leading up to Sunday's Pro Bowl right here at Stay tuned for more journals throughout the week and make sure to follow Johnny on Twitter (@Jhekker) and Instagram (@Jhekk).

DAY 1: Today was a long series of sitting and waiting for something special. The sitting and waiting was a combined nine hours of flight time to get me from chilly but beautiful St. Louis to the Hawaiian Paradise of Oahu. The something special I alluded to is my first ever pro-bowl experience; as a second year undrafted punter I am pinching myself every stop along the way. The pinches still hurt and I know its for real.

With so much time in the air with no Wi-Fi access, I was left to my thoughts and the contents of my 32gigabyte iPad. I kept trying to imagine what this all would look like and how I would react to being in Hawaii with some of the NFL’s top talent. I imagine a packed pool with herculean bodies everywhere tossing back mai tais and schmoozing with media representatives. With the limited daylight left as I pulled up to the resort all of my assumptions remain unchallenged. Tonight will be dedicated to recharging the batteries and gearing up for an eventful day tomorrow.

Thank you to Rams Nation for all of your support in getting me to this beautiful island paradise. Your votes and rally cries were heard loud and clear. Pro Bowl 2014 will go down as a huge moment in my young life thanks to all of you that voted and believed in me along the way.



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