Johnny's Journal: Tuesday

Posted Jan 22, 2014

Editor's Note: Rams punter Johnny Hekker will be documenting his week in Hawaii leading up to Sunday's Pro Bowl right here at Stay tuned for more journals throughout the week and make sure to follow Johnny on Twitter (@JHekker) and Instagram (@JHekk).

DAY 2: Today was my first full day in paradise. I woke up early, as expected with an STL internal clock, and was greeted by sunshine and crashing waves out my window. I threw on some workout clothes and jaunted downstairs to do a quick morning run and get the juices flowing before the sun could get up to its maximum burning power. On that very run, I ran in the opposite direction of a very lean, athletic looking man that looked familiar from afar. As soon as I passed him, I realized that I had just jogged past Jerry Freakin Rice!!! I got a big grin on my face and finished my run a few minutes later.

My day continued with more star sightings and I kept feeling like a fan who got this all access pass to the Pro Bowl. It still hasn’t hit me that I will be playing along side these stars. Nobody had a massive entourage blaring music from a boom box or anything extravagant. Many players were with their families and significant others just soaking it all in. I now see that this game is just as much a moment to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the NFL season as it is a showcase of immense talent.

Highlights of the day included paddle boarding with an old teammate up in the North Shore of Oahu, driving around the beautiful countryside in a 2014 Mustang with the top back, and coming back to the hotel to see a DJ set up blaring today's hottest jams at the pool. Did I mention I ate a wonderful dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Black Lightning? The 2014 Pro Bowl is now in full swing.

Huge shout out to Jerry Rice and Robert Quinn for drafting me today in the early draft. I have always had an affinity for the color orange and I know Rob and I will make Rams nation proud on Sunday.

Thanks for reading and Aloha,


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