Joyner Playing through Broken Toe

Posted Sep 21, 2016

DB Lamarcus Joyner felt something wrong in his toe during Week 1 against the 49ers, but plans to play through it until it's healed.

It was mentioned on the TV broadcast of Sunday's victory and then head coach Jeff Fisher said it on his radio show Monday night — cornerback Lamarcus Joyner has been playing with a broken toe for the last two weeks.

“I just remember at the beginning of the second quarter of the San Francisco game, my left foot feeling asleep,” Joyner said. “And going back to the sideline woke it back up, but my second toe wouldn’t move.

“So I kind of knew it was broken, but I didn’t really want to say nothing to anyone because I know the defense was depending on me. And we didn’t have anyone else that repped nickel throughout that week,” Joyner continued. “So I knew I just had to be accountable for the defense. So I just kept my mouth closed and kept playing.”

The third-year defensive back described feeling a deep sense of responsibility to be on the field for Sunday’s win over Seattle.

“I know it was an important game to us,” Joyner said. “If you just think about 2014, that draft, how coach Fisher made a sacrifice for me by giving up a pick for me — all that kind of stuff just runs in my mind, like how this organization made a lot of sacrifices for me. So I could fight through something if I’m able to still go.”

Joyner gave Rams head trainer Reggie Scott, his staff and defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson plenty of credit for both getting him ready to play, and helping him play through some significant pain.

“I mean, it was bad. But my coach talked me through it — coach Dennard. He always checked on me every time I went to the sideline,” Joyner said. “Every time he said, ‘We need you,’ that just gave me strength, man. It just gave me the strength to fight through the pain.”

According to the press box stats, Joyner had five tackles — one for loss — and two passes defensed against the Seahawks.

“He played really well. He’ll be a little bit limited, I think, this week. But it was nothing that was going to keep him from playing,” Fisher said. “You can kind of get an appreciation for his commitment to this game and his teammates – playing through that is not easy.”

And it’s not like Joyner had a splint to tape the toes together.

“Nah, man,” Joyner said. “I just strapped on my cleats and I played.”

And that’s what the Florida State product is planning on doing until the toe is healed.

“Oh yeah, no doubt,” Joyner said. “It’s getting better. Like I said, we have the best training staff, I think, out of all 32 teams. And Reggie and all of those guys do a real good job with rehab.

“So, as long as I can play on it, I trust their words,” Joyner continued. “And, like I said, rehab has been going really good this last past week and a half. I mean, so I’m just going to do what I can until it’s all the way healed.”