Michael Brockers Hosts Back-to-School Event

Posted Sep 10, 2013

By Mary Beard
Special to

Last week, Pre-k through 6th grade students at Patrick Henry Downtown Academy participated in an assembly to kick start their school year with Rams defensive tackle, Michael Brockers.

“I always thought about being a professional athlete, but I didn’t think about what it took to be a professional athlete. Little things like this are a big part of it,” said Brockers. “To be able to give back then see the kids’ faces, that’s the biggest thing.”

Michael spoke to the students about ‘Becoming a Champion’, the school’s theme for the 2013-2014 year. He then led them in a PLAY 60 Challenge using a game board to teach the students about health and fitness in fun and engaging ways, like trivia questions, wheel barrel races and a banana eating contest.

After the games were finished, Michael, along with help from Rampage and in partnership with The Little Bit Foundation, distributed bags of school supplies to all of the students. He provided each student with necessary items like folders, notebooks, art supplies and a Rams ReciPEs cookbook.

Michael then treated the students to a pizza party to close out the event.  He also took some time to speak with just the 6th grade class about preparing for middle school.

“Michael is such a role model for these children. Seeing him, his success, it just helps them see the future and see what they can do,” said Rosemary Hanley of the Little Bit Foundation.

For Brockers, the event was a fun way to help the kids start their year off right.

“You almost feel like a superhero when the kids look at you and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, is he really here?’ That makes you feel really good.”