Michelle's Pro Bowl Diary: First Day in Japan

Posted Jan 27, 2013

Follow Pro Bowl Cheerleader Michelle as She Tours Through Hawaii

First day in Japan

After the most amazing experience at Pro Bowl in Hawaii, I was on to my next adventure. The Pro Bowl cheerleaders from the Rams, Titans, Vikings, Broncos, Buccaneers, Cardinals, and two Redskins players, were selected to visit some military bases in Japan through Pro Tour Productions, and Armed Forces Entertainment. We landed in Tokyo around 1:30pm, and then had a two hour drive to our first base, Camp Fuji. This marine base is located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji. I tried to recruit some people to hike it with me, but I’m not sure if we're ready to handle that much cold and snow after a week in Hawaii.

Last night we met with some of the marines to have a quick dinner at the restaurant Roadhouse here on base. Our internal clocks are a little off balance from the traveling so we were all in bed by 8pm. Now that we're rested we are ready to tackle our first full day here. Talk to you soon, Rams Nation!