Michelle's Pro Bowl Diary: Kapiolani Medical Center

Posted Jan 25, 2013

Follow Pro Bowl Cheerleader Michelle as She Tours Through Hawaii

Hello Rams Fans!

After waking up this morning a little sore from practice yesterday, we were ready to get the ball rolling. Our day started off with a practice at the hotel. We reviewed the pre-game routine that we will be performing with Grammy award winning artist, Train, as well as our other routines for the game. After practice, my line (the "tall" girls from the NFC) headed to our first appearance here. Some of the Pro Bowl mascots were there when we arrived, including our very own mascot, Rampage. We visited the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. We had the opportunity to visit some of the amazing children there, and learned that a lot of them were from different islands around the area, not just Honolulu. One unique thing I really liked about this hospital was their dog, Tucker. Tucker “works” 40 hours a week going in and out of each room visiting the children and women. You could see how the patients’ faces warmed up when Tucker walked in, and it was such a joy to be a part of.

After the hospital visit, we went and to have our Pro Bowl Cheerleader rings sized. On the walls of the jewelry store were the posters of the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from the past years. I saw my former, and current, teammates Valerie, Shannon, and Christa on the wall and feel so honored to now be a part of a group of such incredible women.

Our night consisted of the official welcome party from the NFL... it was a luau! It was a beautiful party including hula dancers, fire dancers, players, coaches, staff, sponsors, and a performance by Train. Pat McGonagle, the lead artist, performed in the middle of the pool, which was an awesome concert experience.

We have our first practice at Aloha Stadium tomorrow. I haven't seen the stadium yet, so I'm really excited. I will update some more tomorrow. Sweet dreams Rams fans!