Mike Moyneur: Executive, Historian, Fan

Posted Sep 24, 2013

For some Rams fans, their respective eras ended when the team moved from California or began when the team called St. Louis its new home. For some, like Rams Vice President of Executive Services and Special Projects Mike Moyneur, memories and experiences can be drawn from both periods of time.

Currently, Moyneur is responsible for food and service across the entire organization. On any day, Moyneur organizes the meals for visiting groups to Rams Park such as media members, corporate sponsors, and season-ticket holders to name a few. During training camp, he also works with Rams Dietician/Chef Shawn Zell to provide all three daily meals and snacks for players and coaches over the course of the grueling five-week period. On game day, Moyneur works as a liaison with the Rams’ concessionaire, Sports Service, and Levy, the team caterer, at the Edward Jones Dome to ensure that food and services throughout the Dome are completed.

Moyneur got his start in the organization in 1979 when the late Rams owner Georgia Frontiere brought him in to take over the responsibilities of managing her owner’s suite at Anaheim Stadium. Moyneur was working with the team in a part-time capacity at the time and was asked if he would fill in temporarily while also searching for a replacement that he could train. Moyneur never found that replacement and soon became a full-time member of the staff.

“I guess I’ve been kind of filling in ever since,” Moyneur said. “It was a great way to make a start with the organization and it’s been a great run that’s for sure.”

One of Moyneur's favorite memories of his early years with the Rams is the long list of celebrities and dignitaries that would fill Frontiere's majestic, two-story suite on game day. Magic Johnson, Danny Thomas, Bo Derek, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, and the Crown Prince of Japan are some that rank at the top of his list. Moyneur also enjoyed the days when President Ronald Reagan's daughter Maureen, an avid Rams fan, would visit Anaheim Stadium as the Secret Service manned every entrance of the owner's suite and watched her every move.

Moyneur’s uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time did not end just by obtaining a job with the Los Angeles Rams. The team also went to the Super Bowl in 1980, after his first season with the club. After a recent move to Anaheim, the Rams were drawing in large crowds and receiving strong support from their fans.

“It was just a great time to be a Rams fan,” Moyneur said, “going to the Super Bowl the first year…that just made it all the more rewarding and exciting.”

Though the Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1980 Super Bowl, the team and Moyneur would get another chance. Before they would earn the highly-coveted Lombardi trophy, Moyneur and the organization would have to move to St. Louis. A California native, Moyneur never thought he would leave the west coast and actually remained in Los Angeles during most of the Rams’ first season in St. Louis.

“I was flying in and out for home games and taking care of the all the responsibilities for ownership in the suite,” Moyneur said, “and at that point I was still contemplating whether I wanted to make the move or not.”

After Frontiere flew Moyneur’s wife out to St. Louis to take a look at the area, the couple made the decision to make the move. Though he misses the beach and the Southern California weather, when it comes to his family Moyneur is happy to have raised his children in St. Louis.

“The one thing that I can say, that has been said to me, is that St. Louis is a great place to raise a family,” Moyneur said. “I’ve heard it said and now I can say the same thing myself. It is a great place to raise a family.”

The move would pay off for Moyneur and the organization when Dick Vermeil took the Rams' head coaching job in 1997. Moyneur remembers Vermeil's first days vividly, as he spoke to the entire organization, as a whole. In that meeting, the new head coach not only promised the group that the Rams would win a Super Bowl, but also promised that everyone in the room would receive their very own Super Bowl ring. The newly appointed head coach said that it would take a minimum of three years of hard work and working together. In his third season, Vermeil followed through on both of his promises.

Moyneur saves his Super Bowl ring for game days and special occasions, but he can be found wearing his NFC Championship ring on a daily basis.

“That’s pretty spectacular when you think about that," Moyneur said. "There’s only a set number of people that have those (Super Bowl) rings. That was very special."

Moyneur is confident that the Rams are close to adding another Lombardi Trophy to their display case. He described the atmosphere around Rams Park as one similar to the days of the "Greatest Show on Turf."

“I think history does repeat itself, and I think we’re going to see that happen again real soon," Moyneur said. "I think Coach Fisher and Dick Vermeil are cut from the same cloth. They have the same approach. Every year is exciting, but this year is even more exciting. It kind of brings me back to that Vermeil era."

After all of his years spent within the organization, Moyneur believes the Rams are once again approaching a time of historical significance and that the administration is taking the steps to win another World Championship.

"I think it’s another special time in Rams history," Moyneur said. "With the synergy of Coach Fisher, (Executive Vice President of Football Operations/Chief Operating Officer) Kevin Demoff, (General Manager) Les Snead and the entire staff, I think we really do have something special here. As Kevin has said, we were young last year and we’re even younger this year. There’s a commitment to bring in players that we can develop."

If Rams employees have the pleasure of coming across Moyneur in the hallways at Rams Park, they are sure to be greeted with a smile and an enlightening story about Rams history. In his 35th season with the organization, Moyneur has gathered countless memories and has experienced an infinite amount of emotions that has led him to embody what the Rams franchise stands for. Through the move from California to St. Louis, Moyneur’s love for the organization from top to bottom and his hope for the Rams have never faded.\

“A lot of history, a lot of tradition, a great family, and great ownership,” Moyneur said about the organization. “There’s nothing like the football business, especially the St. Louis Rams.”