OTA Day Eight Recap

Posted Jun 17, 2014

St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams wants to bring an 'organized chaos' to the Rams defense.

In his first meeting with St. Louis media during organized team activities, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams shone a bit of light on his vision for the Rams’ defense.

Armed with what has widely been considered some of the league’s best defensive personnel, which has included multiple upgrades through the draft and free agency, Williams has wasted no time into implementing his schemes at—or above—a typical game pace.

“We try to turn the practices into harder things, harder simulations than games,” Williams said. “I believe in the organized chaos theory of practices being very, very hard to communicate, fighting through with reps and all that kind of stuff so that when they get to the games, it’s pretty routine. It’s very simple. This has been a learning curve for them and really been a learning curve for me because I’ve got to try to learn each and every one of them - the veterans, too.”

It would be difficult to not take notice of Williams during any of the Rams’ eight OTA practices to date. The veteran coordinator is among the most vocal members on the field, and team 11 on 11 segments have taken on a distinctly upbeat tempo throughout. It appears that same level of intensity and efficiency has taken place in the Rams’ meeting rooms. At an early meeting with other coaches following his hiring, Williams presented an ambitious checklist for the offseason. Perhaps too ambitious, in the minds of some.

“When I put up the projects on the board when I first got here, there (were) 101 projects and they said there’s no way we could get done with that before training camp,” Williams said. “We’re already done. We’ve already got those things done and we’ve been covering all those things and we’ve learned a bunch from them. It’s a fun time.”

News and Notes

-Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer lauded the progress of a number of receivers, but particularly third-year wideout Brian Quick, whom Schottenheimer dubbed the offense’s ‘most improved’ player during the offseason.

-Continuing with the every-other-day timeline the Rams laid out for QB Sam Bradford during OTAs, Bradford participated in throwing drills during Tuesday’s practice. Tuesday’s workload was typical of the past two weeks for Bradford, who has suffered no setbacks throughout the OTA period.

-Rookie guard Greg Robinson, who has been working to transition from left tackle during OTAs, has made steady progress in the early stages of his position change. Schottenheimer allowed that the learning curve for Robinson has a ways to go, however.

“I think it’s going to be an adjustment for him, and it’s going to take a little time,” Schottenheimer said. “You can see how naturally talented he is, how strong he is, but there’s been some growing pains and there will be.”

-RB Isaiah Pead, who has stayed after multiple OTAs working with special teams coordinator John Fassel, has made a significant impression both on return and coverage units.

“Around midseason last year, he really committed to special teams,” Fassel said. “He was not only a contributor, but a high-impact guy for us. I think a lot of people are going to see a lot of improvement out of that guy.”

-Fassel added that the Rams have ‘great candidates’ at the kickoff return position this year, adding that they may look to lighten the load of returning from WR Tavon Austin.