Practice Recap: Day One in the Books

Posted Jul 25, 2014

Get the latest on Sam Bradford's status, Robert Quinn's goals, Rodger Saffold's position and much more.

The Rams completed the first of thirteen open practices at Rams Park today before a crowd of over 1,400 passionate fans.

“It’s good to get everybody back,” head coach Jeff Fisher said. “It was a basic practice, but each day will become more complicated.”

Even with a roster expected to rank among the NFL’s youngest for a third consecutive season, Fisher was pleased with the tempo and maturity throughout today’s two-hour practice.

“Despite the age on paper, the team doesn’t act that way,” Fisher stated. “The team acts much more mature and they’ll be much more prepared.”

- Veteran quarterback Sam Bradford voiced his excitement to return to practice for his fifth training camp with the Rams.

“I’m feeling a little older in there every year,” Bradford joked. “I’m just glad to be back at it. Day one is always fun and it was fun to get back out there today.”

Both Fisher and Bradford expressed confidence in his return to practice despite suffering a season-ending knee injury in Week Seven last season.

“My knee feels really good.” Bradford said. “If it starts to get a little sore and we feel like we need to pull back, we can always do that, but out of the gate I’m going to try to do everything.”

- When asked about a target number of sacks for 2014, Robert Quinn refused to get specific, but smiled when asked if his goal exceeds 20.

“You got to go one sack at a time,” Quinn said. “It’s the first day of camp.”

- Quinn noted the most notable rookie performance thus far came from former Florida State cornerback Greg Reid.

“He’s out there making plays,” Quinn stated. “If it’s a run play, he comes up and looks like he’s ready to make a tackle. When it’s coverage, he’s out there making plays.”

He also made a point to mention Aaron Donald’s excellent performance today.

WATCH: Robert Quinn's Press Conference

- Quinn expressed excitement and gratitude when asked about the just-announced “Bernie” Bobblehead giveaway on Sunday, Oct. 19 against the Seattle Seahawks.

“It was a great honor for the Rams to do that,” Quinn said. “[The] Bernie is my signature and with Gregg [Williams], hopefully I can get plenty of them this year.”

- Due to Jake Long’s limited availability, the Rams tried out multiple combinations of talent on the offensive line.

“We’re going to move people around.” Fisher said. “Jake is doing well. We expect Jake – barring any setbacks – to be ready for the opener. That’ll give some of the younger players opportunities to lineup out there and play during the preseason.”

Former tackle turned guard Rodger Saffold even played a few snaps at left tackle during today’s practice.

“You never know where I’m at.” Saffold said. “I might end up outside at tight end standing up running a route, but trust me, I’ll catch the ball.”

- Other than a quick trip to the Dominican Republic, second year linebacker Alec Ogletree stayed in St. Louis to better his game this offseason.

“I felt like staying here would help reach my goals,” Ogletree said. “I’d look at tape, get a workout in, come out on the field and do some drills. I just tried to better my game.

That’s it for today, but join us at Rams Park for open practice again tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.