Quick Progresses to Contact Practices

Posted Aug 27, 2015

Wide receiver Brian Quick was cleared for contact in practice this week, and has a chance to play against the Colts on Saturday.

Brian Quick hit the field for Tuesday’s practice like any other day except for a slight wardrobe change. The wide receiver was finally able to practice without the yellow cap atop his helmet, which signified to other players that he was to play with no contact.

Head coach Jeff Fisher said he is impressed with Quick’s work to get back on the field after suffering major shoulder damage last season that some thought to be career ending.

“Brian is cleared and ready to go and we expect him to play this week,” Fisher said. “So it was tremendous effort considering the news that we got once we examined the shoulder after the Kansas City game, because there was significant damage to it and there was some question as to whether he would return. (Head Athletic Trainer) Reg (Scott) and his staff, the doctors and you have to credit Brian for the hard work. So he’s back and ready to go.”

Quick has been practicing in pads with full range of motion for a few weeks now, but the absence of the cap provided him with a different level of excitement.

“Yeah it was a little emotional, but I was more excited,” Quick said. “It gave the guys a chance to rough me up a little bit. I didn’t like it because the guys couldn’t rough me up more than they do everybody else. It was tough doing that, but I knew the coaches and staff were protecting me.”

Quick battled through a long road to recovery, but said he never questioned he would.

“There was not even a doubt in my mind and I told coach I’ll be back out there,” Quick said. “I came in every day positive just telling myself I would be back. I kept it in my mind that one day hopefully it will come true and to stay positive.”

Last season was a breakout year of sorts for the wide receiver. He produced a career high in catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns and Fisher believes Quick will pick up where he left off.

“There’s no reason why we would think he’s not capable,” Fisher said. “At that point, he was productive and was making a lot of big plays for us. He was in the right place at the right time and he was blocking really well. So we just have to get him back in a couple of preseason games before he’s ready to go.”

After Quick graduated from the hat he then passed it along to teammate Todd Gurley, who was cleared for practice early this week.

“I was a little dramatic to make sure he knew that I was passing the yellow hat to him,” Quick said. “It’s a big step for us especially after being injured and him now getting to practice live out there with the guys. You know that’s a big step so I made it a big deal because it was a big deal for me.”