Rams Madden 15 Ratings Revealed

Posted Aug 14, 2014

Get the latest on the St. Louis Rams Madden 15 ratings, new facial-recognition technology and this year's intriguing new features.

Madden fans, the wait is almost over for the latest installment of the famous football video game franchise. Madden 15 officially drops in two weeks, and the Rams’ ratings were released late last week.

But even before this season’s version of the game comes out, the EA Sports team is hard at work for next year. Two members of the development team have been going around to NFL team facilities to take pictures of players for the game’s new facial-recognition technology. While the development will mainly be used for Madden 16 and beyond, some big-name faces will receive the treatment for this year’s game.

“We want our fans to be able to recognize players, recognize that they look like themselves from the top down,” said Patrick Bellanca, one of the Madden developers.

The two developers set up a photo booth in the Rams facility last week and got to work shooting the players’ faces. The technology works by using 12 cameras to take simultaneous pictures, which are void of any emotion. The player would sit down in front of the rig to get his face, and then turn around to get the back of his head, or about three-quarters of the way if the player had longer hair.

“It takes 12 pictures at the same time, and then we can stitch that to build a modeled, sculpted head that is your head -- true to dimensions and proportions,” Bellanca said. “And then it goes behind the facemask right in game.”

Bellanca explained that the cameras are set up on what he called a “homemade rig,” which used parts from TV stands and wheelchair lifts. The cameras, he said, were only store-bought. Basically, the equipment isn’t too fancy, but the software to produce the facial images is what really gets the job done.

It’s a remarkable technology that Bellanca said was available because of next-generation consoles like the Xbox One, which gives the game a lot of new processing power. More features stemming from that include a new broadcast presentation, new camera angles, and putting the fun back in playing D.

“Madden 15 is all about adding control back into the defense, so you can disengage as a rushing tackle or an end and start to collapse the pocket. You can put pressure on a quarterback and make him roll out or make an errant pass,” Bellanca said. “I think the fans are going to notice new mechanics on defense and just how much fun it is to play as a shutdown defensive player like Robert Quinn, who is rated 97.”

After his franchise record 19-sack season, it’s no surprise that Quinn leads the Rams in overall rating. He’s rated remarkably fast as a defensive end, coming in at 84. If you’re playing as him on defense, you’ll want to use power rushing moves as he’s rated at 97 there and only 79 in finesse moves.

Quinn is one of only two Rams with an overall rating in the 90s, the other being offensive tackle Jake Long (90). Defensive end Chris Long didn’t quite make the cut, coming in at 87 overall.

Quarterback Sam Bradford comes in at 85, with throw power and accuracy ratings in the middle of the pack in terms of quarterbacks around the league. His short-pass accuracy is probably his greatest asset, as he’s rated there at 92, but medium and deep passes are in the high 70s.

First-round picks Greg Robinson and Aaron Donald fared well for their first Madden rating. Thought they play vastly different positions, Robinson tied with first overall pick Jadeveon Clowney with an 83 overall rating. If you’re playing as the Rams, you’ll want to run the ball to the left side in the game, as Jake Long and Robinson are rated at 96 and 94, respectively, in run blocking.

Donald is rated at 79, behind Michael Brockers (81) and Kendall Langford (80) at his position. However, the rookie has both veterans beat when it comes to speed, as he comes in at a blazing -- for a defensive tackle -- rating of 81.

Bellanca said something Madden consumers will notice this year is how much strategy comes into play in the game for play calling on both offense and defense. That makes the player ratings in specific areas even more important.

“I think everyone that plays Madden 15 becomes a smarter football fan,” Bellanca said. “And that’s kind of what we want. We heard in this offseason that Teddy Bridgewater plays Madden to learn the Vikings playbook. That’s crazy for us. That’s the greatest thing we could ever hear.”

You can get your hands on a copy of Madden 15 on August 26.