Rams Partner with Schnucks on Rams ReciPEs Program

Posted Dec 18, 2012

The students at Brown Elementary School got a special treat Tuesday afternoon, and even made some treats of their own. During an afterschool program, the kids were visited by members of the St. Louis Rams organization, including wide receiver Nick Johnson, in addition to Midwest Dairy and Schnucks representatives. All were taking part in the team’s Rams ReciPEs program.

Rams ReciPEs is a program the Rams began this season as a compliment to their PLAY 60 efforts. The new program is designed to increase awareness and interest among youth in eating right and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Both goals were accomplished in the afternoon.

Upon their arrival in the gym, the students spread out and were led by Johnson through a series of stretches. After warming up, the kids were divided into groups and the fun commenced.

The first station involved making trail mix. With the help of Rams staff members, the kids combined an assortment of Cheerios, banana chips, dried fruit and chocolate chips to create an easy and nutritional snack.

Following the first station, the students moved on to assembling fruit kabobs. Pineapples, bananas, apples and strawberries were loaded onto sticks, allowing the kids to enjoy an assortment of foods and flavors.

At the final snack-making station, staff members helped the students make yogurt parfaits. Strawberries were added to a yogurt base, and covered again with yogurt to create a snack with layers of healthy food.

But the station rotation was far from over. After creating and eating the healthy foods, the students got the chance to learn more about healthy living through the Fuel Up to PLAY 60 station. At the stop, Johnson talked to the kids about the importance of putting “good fuel” – such as fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks – in their bodies. He likened it to NASCAR cars. In order for optimum performance, the cars need the best fuel. Likewise, kids need the best fuel to be successful, in this case, the fuel being healthy foods. Johnson’s speech conveyed the message promoted by Fuel Up to PLAY 60, a program run in conjunction with the Midwest Dairy Council. The program preaches the importance of kids fueling their bodies with nutritious foods, like dairy-rich products, so they can play longer. Just before the conclusion of the station, the kids signed pledges stating what they would do to be active for 60 minutes each day.

To bring home the point of being active, the final station of the day was a relay race. The students ran with a football from one line to another, made a transfer, then ran the ball back to the next person in line, completing a handoff along the way. It was a way to emphasize the ease with which kids can play and be active, even with simple items found around their homes.

The kids did not leave the program empty-handed. As they exited the building, Johnson handed them all an autographed card and a Rams ReciPE book presented by Schnucks so that they could continue making healthy snacks. The book is complete with healthy recipes and fitness activities to help the kids carry healthy habits home.

Schnucks sponsors the Rams ReciPEs program and will partner with the Rams for one more program during the season. Rams ReciPEs is a an extension of the NFL’s PLAY 60 initiative, a program that encourages kids to be active for at least 60 minutes every day in an effort to combat childhood obesity.