Rams Power Rankings: Week 11

Posted Nov 14, 2017

Find out where the Rams rank across the sports media landscape's Power Rankings as they into a Week 11 contest with the Vikings.

The Rams will be on the road this week travelling to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in an NFC North vs. NFC West matchup. After a commanding 33-7 win over the Texans at the Coliseum, L.A. will be looking for its fifth consecutive win on Sunday.

Every week, will be taking an aggregate look at where the team ranks in different outlets across the sports media landscape. Here are the power rankings for the Rams heading into Week 11:, Elliot Harrison Rank: 2

Last Week: 2

Change: -

“Somebody tell the Rams they can lose now. Nobody seems to like that they're batting in the two-hole in these rankings. But they're the perfect Mark McLemore. Sorry, dated baseball reference to a player who was a nice No. 2 hitter for a while. Ah, but so many Rams are sacrificing for their teammates, starting with the members of the offensive line. Oft-maligned in 2016, the group has been far improved in 2017. Andrew Whitworth was a brilliant free-agent signing (steal). The unit as a whole helped L.A. gain 6.7 yards per play against Houston on Sunday. That's quite a robust figure. Even if the Rams did allow a few tackles for losses, most of those came on the final drive, with L.A. running out the clock into 99-man fronts. Thought it was time to spread the credit around.” Rank: 7

Last Week: 7

Change: -

“Projected wins: 11.0. The Rams have scored at least 30 points in six games this season, the most in the NFL. The improvement on offense is the biggest reason they're now projected to win five more games than predicted in the preseason.”

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner Rank: 4

Last Week: 5

Change: 1

“The Rams’ offense is getting a lot of attention, and for obvious reasons. But did you know the Rams defense hasn’t given up more than 17 points since Oct. 1? Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was always a good bet to have a good first season with the Rams, it just took a little longer than expected.”

The Washington Post Rank: 4

Last Week: 4

Change: -

“The Rams have games left against the Vikings, Saints, Eagles and Seahawks. It should be pretty clear by the end of the regular season exactly how they measure up against the NFC’s other top contenders.”

USA Today Rank: 4

Last Week: 4

Change: -

“Raise your hand if you thought Robert Woods would be the most impactful former Buffalo receiver GM Les Snead acquired before this season.”

Bleacher Report Rank: 6

Last Week: 5

Change: - 1

“Sean McVay is the hottest play-caller in the NFL. Because of him, the Rams have to be in the discussion for having the most surgical offense in the sport—along with New England.”

“The L.A. defense can create chaos up front, and it can create turnovers. This fits right in with what the Rams want to do as a team. Do you want to get into a track meet with the Rams and try matching them point for point? I don't think anyone does. We'll see just how good this Rams team is in the coming weeks. They'll play the Saints, Eagles and Vikings within the next month.”

CBS Sports, Pete Prisco Rank: 4

Last Week: 4

Change: -

“They continue to roll up big numbers on offense. That unit faces a major test at Minnesota this week.”

Sports Illustrated Rank: 5

Last Week: 6

Change: 1

Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio Rank: 4

Last Week: 4

Change: -


Yahoo! Shutdown Corner — 8

Pro Football Talk — 5

The Washington Post — 6

USA Today — 8

CBS Sports — 6

Bleacher Report — 5

Sports Illustrated — 6