Rams Promote Health and Wellness During Annual Hometown Huddle

Posted Oct 21, 2010

One day every season, all 32 NFL teams partner with their local United Way organizations for a league-wide day of service. Now in its 12th year, Hometown Huddle connects teams with the United Way to teach the importance of health and wellness. On Tuesday, Oct. 19, the Rams, along with the United Way of Greater St. Louis, partnered with the St. Louis Arc and conducted an NFL Flag Football exhibition.

The St. Louis Arc is a nonprofit, United Way funded agency that provides support and services for more than 3,000 adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the metropolitan St. Louis area. The Rams invited 50 clients, along with 20 staff persons, to participate, and when everyone arrived at Lindbergh High School and received their Hometown Huddle t-shirt, the annual day of service began.

Rams linebacker David Vobora met the clients, told his story of how he made it into the NFL and began the Flag Football exhibition with a series of warm-up stretches. Once stretching was complete, the clients broke off into groups to complete various football-related drills. Each group completed four stations: a relay race, agility ladders, football toss and hurdles. When everyone had the chance to complete each station, the clients gathered for the Flag Football exhibition. Vobora split the clients evenly into two groups, each trying to score an offensive touchdown. Vobora was the quarterback for one team and team mascot Rampage quarterbacked the other group, who had a client catch a long touchdown pass. After the game ended and everyone took a group photo, clients spun a prize wheel and left with various Rams prizes and a Rams water bottle.

The NFL and United Way partnership is in its 37th year, and across the country United Way works to improve peoples’ health where they live, work, learn and play by ensuring individuals and families have safe homes and communities, access to health care, healthy food and physical activity opportunities.

“I think the NFL and United Way is a really great partnership because it’s an easy way for the Rams to give back to the community,” Public Relations Director for United Way of Greater St. Louis Carrie Zukoski said. “Hometown Huddle is a great way for the Rams to get out in the community, offer their services as a community partner, and United Way is so connected in the community that the two work together well.”