Rams players PLAY 60 with International Students

Posted Sep 23, 2010

On an unseasonably warm, fall day, three Rams players spent the morning of Sept. 21 teaching international students various exercises and football related drills. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, defensive end Eugene Sims, defensive tackle Jermelle Cudjo and wide receiver Mark Clayton led 50 students from the International Welcome School in stretches, drills and football activities. The International Welcome School, located in South St. Louis City, serves kindergarten through ninth grade students who are newcomers to the United States. The students come from more than 13 different countries and know very little English.

To kick off the event, teachers from the International Welcome School greeted the students, Rams players and parents in attendance in multiple languages, and Clayton began the activities with a game of “Simon Says.” The players then led all the students in basic stretches, and they broke off into five groups of 10 students each. The players and Rams staff members divided themselves among five stations: cone course, agility ladders, hurdles, a relay race and conditioning dice. At this station, there were two dice, one with numbers and one with various simple exercises, including jumping jacks, arm circles, push ups and sit ups, and the students performed a given exercise a certain number of times based on the number they rolled.

Once the activities and drills were over, each student received a football with a bilingual tag on it featuring information on how to view football instruction videos in English and Spanish on As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, the NFL hosts games and celebrations to recognize the culture, contributions and heritage of Hispanic Americans. The NFL is proud that nearly 8 out of 10 Hispanics are NFL fans.

The NFL launched the PLAY 60 initiative in November 2007 as part of its national youth health and awareness campaign. The idea behind PLAY 60 is simple – it inspires kids to be active and do some type of physical activity for at least 60 minutes everyday.