Rams to Wear Throwbacks Against Saints

Posted Jun 14, 2011


After a week of voting, Rams fans have spoken and emphatically selected the October 30 game against New Orleans to wear their throwback jerseys.

The matchup will be a renewal of the old NFC West rivalry as the clubs will meet for the 70th time with the Rams holding a 38-31 advantage.

The Rams are also expected to wear the throwbacks at another contest during the 2011 season though that contest has not yet been determined.

Original Story

Once again in 2011, the Rams will celebrate their storied past by wearing the yellow and blue throwback jerseys that were a part of so many landmark victories and worn by even more of the game’s greats.

And for the first time, they are asking you, the fans, to take part in deciding the game in which you’d like to see the Rams sporting the uniforms they wore from 1973-1999. Starting this morning, fans can log on to the team’s Twitter site (@StLouisRams) and vote for the game they’d like to see the throwbacks.

In addition, one fan will be rewarded for his or her vote with a prize package that includes leading the team on to the field for the winning game.

“We wanted to find a way to engage our fans and give them a voice on which game the club wears our throwback uniforms,” Kevin Demoff, the Rams chief operating officer/vice president of football operations, said. “The reason to wear the throwbacks is to celebrate the Club’s history and our fans are an important part of that history. What better way to recognize our fans’ passion for our team past and present than to give them the opportunity to select the game we wear our throwback jersey?”

According to league rules, teams must wear any throwback uniforms within the first 10 weeks of the season. The team has chosen three options in the allotted time frame – home games against Baltimore on Sept. 25, Washington on Oct. 2 and New Orleans on Oct. 30.

To vote, fans can simply log on to the team’s Twitter page at Once there, click the follow button and send a tweet to the account by starting your message by typing @StLouisRams.

After entering the club’s name, choose which game you’d like to see the throwbacks worn as well as an explanation of why you’d like to see the jerseys at that particular contest.

Fans are also encouraged to place the hashtag - #RamsThrowback – on each vote so that other fans can keep tabs on how the voting is going.

Voting will close at 5 p.m. on June 22. At that time, the game with the most votes will be chosen and one voter for the team that wins will be randomly selected to win a jersey, two tickets to the game and lead the Rams onto the field before it begins.

Each opponent comes with a bit of history relating to the Rams.

- The Redskins are one of the Rams’ oldest opponents in a series dating to 1937 when the Rams were playing in Cleveland. The Rams claimed the NFL Championship with a 15-14 win against the Redskins on Dec. 16, 1945.

- The Ravens play in Baltimore, former home of the Colts. From 1953 to 1971, Carroll Rosenbloom owned the Baltimore Colts. In 1972, he completed a historic swapping of franchises with Robert Irsay. Irsay received control of the Colts while Rosenbloom assumed majority ownership of, you guessed it, the Rams.

- The Rams and Saints have a rivalry dating to their days together in the old incarnation of the NFC West Division before the divisions were re-shuffled in 2002. The clubs have met 69 times in their history with the Rams holding a 38-31 edge.