St. Louis Rams Announce New Official Water, “Thirst & Ten”

Posted Oct 17, 2012

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Rams today announced a partnership with AquaSky, LLC which will bring Thirst & Ten premium bottled rainwater to Rams fans on game days at the Edward Jones Dome.

AquaSky’s naturally distilled water is captured from the sky without touching the ground. The water is filtered by four methods and is already low in dissolved solids and without the contaminants found in ground water.

AquaSky’s Thirst & Ten is also packaged in the first truly 100% biodegradable and recyclable bottle developed by ENSO™ Bottles to ensure earth friendly packaging.

"AquaSky, LLC is extremely proud to be able to provide the St. Louis Rams with a uniquely sourced, ultra-pure water in a bottle that sets the standard for being eco-conscious,” said Todd Hesker, president, AquaSky, LLC. “This partnership is an example of two exceptional brands creating an extraordinary venture.”

“The Rams are looking forward to this partnership with AquaSky that will deliver Rams fans at the Edward Jones Dome with an outstanding product that reinforces our commitment to the environment and sustainability,” said Bob Reif, executive vice president and chief revenue officer, St. Louis Rams.

Thirst & Ten is available for purchase exclusively at the Edward Jones Dome during all home games. Thirst & Ten will soon be available for purchase at retail sites throughout the St. Louis region.