St. Louis Rams Team Up With Unequal® Technologies For 2012 NFL Season

Posted Aug 13, 2012

- Rams ‘armor up’ their equipment with Unequal’s military-grade protection to help proactively mitigate sports injuries -

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Rams today announced a new partnership with UNEQUAL® Technologies, the leading provider of athletic protection gear fused with patented military-grade composites. Rams players will be ‘armored-up’ with the full suite of Unequal’s EXO Skeleton® products, including girdles, rib protectors, Footbeds®, and CRT™ - supplemental helmet protective pads, and insoles.

“Player safety is of paramount importance to the Rams and Unequal is integral to that initiative by providing us with the most advanced protection for our players,” said Rams chief revenue officer Bob Reif. “Our focus is to prevent injuries through innovative techniques, training and Unequal equipment. We’re proud to be the first team to partner with Unequal to safeguard all of our players with this game changing technology. And it helps that the players love it.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the St. Louis Rams on their upcoming season,” said Unequal chief executive officer Rob Vito. “They share our credo: be proactive rather than reactive to injury. Steve Young, an NFL Legend, said it best, ‘It would have been better if the players were wearing Unequal before they got injured.’ We applaud the Rams for being so progressive by equipping all of their players with Unequal as a preventive measure. This helps mitigate injury and keeps their first string playing longer, stronger and safer. And healthier players should result in more wins.”

Unequal’s EXO Skeleton, the first head-to-toe sports protection made with a military-grade, battle-tested composite, is now an official sponsor of the St. Louis Rams. EXO Skeleton for the body, CRT™ for the head, and Footbeds® for the feet have all been independently tested and shown to help reduce the effects of blunt force trauma.

Unequal will serve as the presenting sponsor of RAMS 360, a new program from the award-winning production team at the Rams Broadcasting Network that follows Rams players during the 36 hours leading up to Sunday games. From superstitions and rituals to training and recreation, RAMS 360 will provide Rams fans with an in-depth look into the lives of their favorite players.

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About UNEQUAL® Technologies
UNEQUAL Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection for sports and military. Unequal was born on the battlefield and forged on the gridiron. Unequal is a highly advanced supplemental protection that may reduce the possibility of injury. It is a fusion of military grade, battle tested composites engineered for maximum protection. This produces superior shock-blocking properties that may help dramatically reduce impact shock and blunt force trauma generated by sports and military encounters.  Professionals in the NFL, NHL, MLB, college athletes and youth athletes in football, baseball, lacrosse, X-treme sports, contact sports and other activities wear UNEQUAL’s protective head and body armor. With more than 67 International and U.S. patents and patents pending, UNEQUAL has been tested by independent accredited laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities. Unequal is the proud recipient of the DuPont™ Innovation Award and Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies.  For more information, visit

About the St. Louis Rams
A member of the National Football League, the St. Louis Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995 and delivered a World Championship and two NFC Championships to the Gateway City.  Now under the guidance of Head Coach Jeff Fisher, General Manager Les Snead and Executive Vice President of Football Operations/Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff, the Rams are poised to return winning football to the St. Louis community. As a professional sports team, the Rams also recognize their unique ability to help raise both awareness and money for issues and causes relevant to their fans and fellow citizens.   The organization is committed to being a valuable civic partner and benefiting the bi-state region 365 days a year.  For more information, visit