RSS Final Mock Draft

Posted Apr 25, 2013

For you loyal readers out there, you have probably figured out by now that my doing a mock draft every year just before the NFL Draft is, well, closer to a mockery than a mock.

But so as not to disappoint, here are once again one man’s best guess at how the 2013 NFL Draft will play out. Perhaps our guest pickers, 101 ESPN’s Tony Softli and draft analyst Matt Feminis will fare better.

View here.
St. Louis Rams Mock Draft Challenge
The St. Louis Rams have launched the 2013 Mock Draft Challenge, an interactive application where fans can predict the outcome of the 2013 NFL Draft. Participants can select the player they believe the Rams will take with the 16th pick and the player positions that will be drafted after. Fans can join in on the draft action and make their predictions here.