The Exchange: Aimee and Sydney

Posted Sep 20, 2013

The Exchange welcomed The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders for a fun filled tour of JBLM. Aimee and Sydney started off their tour by visiting the 62D Airlift Wing at McChord Field. While here the Ladies took a tour of the C-17 planes lead by MSgt Todd Wivell learning about the day to day operation at  McChord Airfield.  Unfortunately because of security restriction we were unable to take photo’s inside the planes. Next on the tour visited the 22D Special Tactics Squadron. Here the ladies toured the facilities and learned how the squadron functions as a support team to all branches of the military. The Chinook Helicopters were next lead by Sqt. Elkins, the ladies learned about the  helicopters and the unit’s mission at Mt. Rainier.  After, the Ladies were off  to drive at the RVTT where the Ladies learned of the training that the troops receive with the Humvee Simulation. Last but not least, the ladies visited the Veterans Hospital were the Ladies heard heartfelt stories from the residents. Unfortunately because of medical reason we cannot take pictures with the residents.

Day 2 of the weekend started with a trip to visited the Firefighters at Station 104 at North Lewis. Here the Ladies learned the primary functions of the firemen here at JBLM. They were able to try on the firemen’s gear and take a short trip in the fire truck. Then we were off to their first signing at the McChord Field Exchange where the ladies were greeted by Rams fans of all ages. Aimee and Sydney  posed for pictures and signed several autograph. We continued on with another signing at the Lewis Exchange where the ladies were amazed by all of the St. Louis Rams fans out here at JBLM. Some diehard fans came out dressed in their favorite teams gear, posing for pictures and signing autographs the ladies truly enjoyed every moment.