UDFAs Make Initial 53-Man Roster

Posted Sep 10, 2015

Cameron Lynch, Bradley Marquez, and Darrell Williams each made enough of an impression to make St. Louis' squad.

The road to making a 53-man roster is grueling. The climb is that much steeper for rookie undrafted free agents, but after two rounds of cuts the Rams have three.

Offensive tackle Darrell Williams will be the first to say there were people who questioned his decision to come to St. Louis after the organization drafted four linemen this year.

“But the Rams were in contact with me after I came back from the NFLPA Bowl that I played in,” Williams said. “During the entire pre-draft process they were talking to me. [OL coach Paul] Boudreau called me and told me I’d get a fair shot here. I did and made the most and took advantage of it, and I’m still here.”

The two-year starter out of South Florida said he was with linebacker Bryce Hager and fellow lineman Cody Wichmann when they received their calls from head coach Jeff Fisher.

“I thought Bryce got cut because he was talking so low and he didn’t show much emotion on his face so I kind of got scared for a second,” Williams said. “Then coach Fisher called me and I was so happy. I talked to my agent, my parents, and family members and it’s still catching up to me now.”

Linebacker Cameron Lynch said he actually missed the initial phone call and responded to Fisher after receiving a voice mail from the head coach.

“I felt good and I felt like I put the hard work in,” Lynch said. “The stretch to the NFL, the camps under the hot sun, and all the hard work has finally paid off and it’s a great feeling.”

Lynch feels strongly that special teams is a reason he made the roster, noting he made a point to meet with special teams coordinator John Fassel as much as possible.

“I definitely bugged him,” Lynch said. “You have to and I’m glad I did.”

Bradley Marquez, the wide receiver out of Texas Tech, said his emotions during the call from Fisher are hard to explain after working toward the NFL for so long.

“You have a dream your entire life and that phone call fulfills it and lets you know that you made an NFL roster so it’s pure excitement,” Marquez said. “It was awesome and I’m blessed for the opportunity to be with a great organization.”

All three players expressed gratitude and excitement, but also know that the road doesn’t end with Fisher’s phone call.

“There’s still a 100 percent sense of urgency and you cannot change your approach now that you think you have arrived,” Marquez said. “I did fulfill a dream of mine, but that’s over with now and I have to continue to improve and achieve newer goals that I want to accomplish. You can’t stay the same and go back to old habits. You have to continue to do the things that got you here.”

Lynch said he was able to briefly take a deep breath, but the work is just now starting with the Seahawks coming to town and a full season ahead.

Williams referred to a phrase one of his college coaches used to say: “Don’t lighten up, tighten up.”

“Yeah cuts are over, but I know how this league works,” Williams said. “Any minute you could be the next one on your way out, so I just want to keep playing hard every day and make them have to keep me here.”