Wake Up Sprinting: 9/1

Posted Sep 1, 2014

Myles Simmons has everything you need to know to start the Rams' first game week of 2014.

Good morning and happy Labor Day, Rams fam.

Hope you’re enjoying a hard-earned day off. It’s Monday, September 1, and the official beginning of the first game week of 2014. Feels good, doesn’t it? Here’s what you need to know for your holiday.


If you missed it over the weekend, the Rams made a bevy of changes to their roster in order to comply with the 53-man limit. In the process, St. Louis waived one of its sixth-round picks, and all four of its seventh-round picks, which head coach Jeff Fisher said isn’t a bad thing.

“When you look at the big picture, that implies that we’re getting better,” Fisher said. “This team is getting better because we’re releasing draft choices.”

You can read all about the roster moves, and what the initial 53-man roster looks like in this full article.


Though the Rams did have to waive a good amount of players, they elected to keep four undrafted free agents from their rookie class -- running back Trey Watts, tight end Alex Bayer, cornerback Marcus Roberson, and defensive lineman Ethan Westbrooks.

“He was very, very productive in the preseason for us and played all four spots [on the defensive line],” Fisher said of Westbrooks. “He’s a very, very talented young player that I think has a really good future.”

Westbrooks tallied a sack, a tackle for loss, and two quarterback hits just against the Dolphins in Miami, according to the press box statistics, to finish off his terrific preseason.


At long last, the Rams will get the regular season started against the Vikings on Sunday at noon CT. Be sure to check back at all week long as we bring you total coverage leading up to Opening Day.