Wake Up Sprinting: Back to Full Strength

Posted Aug 18, 2014

Get the latest on Jake Long, Rodger Saffold, Michael Brockers and James Laurinaitis' status heading into Saturday's game against the Cleveland Browns.

Good morning, Rams fans!

It’s Monday, August 18 and we’re headed into Week 3 of the preseason. Here’s what you need to know to get your week started right.


St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said on Sunday that Jake Long, Rodger Saffold, Michael Brockers, and James Laurinaitis all have a chance to return this week. Fisher sounded most optimistic about the left tackle.

“We’re expecting Jake to play, which will be good,” Fisher said. “We’ve got to get Jake in there and get Jake and Scott, make sure they’re surrounding Greg [Robinson].”

Fisher also said that the Rams will do more game planning this week on both sides of the ball, as is customary across the league for the third preseason game.

You can read up on all the highlights of Fisher’s Sunday press conference here.
Fisher said Sunday that adjusting to NFL pass protection can be one of the more difficult things for a running back to do. That challenge caught up to rookie Tre Mason on Saturday.
“There’s two issues: one is recognition -- who you’ve got -- and then two is actually going out and executing the block,” Fisher said. “It starts with the recognition, and that’s where there was a breakdown, and we gave up a hit on the quarterback.”
Fisher said second-year back Zac Stacy has improved in that area, though it hasn’t necessarily shown up in the games because defenses haven’t been sending guys on third down for Stacy to block.
Rookie Ethan Westbrooks has opened some eyes in camp, and continued the trend on Saturday. The defensive lineman had a sack, tackle for loss, and two quarterback hits against Green Bay. Even with that strong stat line, Westbrooks was not satisfied with his performance.
“Honestly, I was kind of upset about the last play that I could’ve had on [Matt] Flynn,” Westbrooks said. “I felt good about it overall, but it’s always that one play that you miss that sticks out in your mind more than anything.”
We’ll bring you more from the undrafted free agent later today.
The Rams will have their final two training camp practiceson Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. Both sessions are free and open to the public, so don’t miss out on seeing your favorite team at Rams Park.