Wake Up Sprinting: Back to Work

Posted Aug 11, 2014

The St. Louis Rams are set to return to the practice fields for the first time since Friday's bizarre loss against the New Orleans Saints.

Good morning, Rams Fam.

What better way to get over a case of the Monday's than checking out an open practice at #RamsCamp? Gates open at 2:00 p.m. for a 3:30 p.m. workout with QBs and TEs slated to man the autograph table after practice.


Today's workout will be the first open practice since the team's preseason opener on Friday night. In case you missed that game or need a refresher on what to look for at practice today based on the team's initial performance, here is the game recap.


Aaron Donald had a lot of expectant eyes on him for his first preseason game, so I caught up with him for a little self-evaluation of his own performance in this one-on-one. Wins and losses may carry little weight in the preseason, but a player like Chase Reynolds knows his performance can be the difference in a roster sport and unemployment. Watch my one-on-one with the man responsible for a 34-yard fake punt in Friday's loss.


Coach Fisher took to the podium Saturday, and he confirmed what many people have been hoping to hear: that Sam Bradford is expected to play in this Saturday's preseason game against the Packers. You can see Coach Fisher's press conference in its entirety here for more on the team's winning takeaway margin, balanced offensive attack, and areas for improvement moving forward.