Community Player of the Week: Jamon Brown

Posted Nov 17, 2016

Each week, the Rams select a player to honor as the Rams Community Player of the Week. The program, presented by Wells Fargo, is intended to recognize players for the positive impact they make off the field.

The Los Angeles Rams announced Jamon Brown as the Rams Community Player of the Week for week 11 in recognition of his community outreach efforts throughout the season.

Jamon Brown hails from Louisville, KY and is a 2nd year Offensive Lineman with the Los Angeles Rams. This year, Brown has been involved with multiple Play 60 events, including this week’s Fuel Up to Play 60 where LA’s BEST will be awarded a $20,000* grant in financial and in-kind resources to support new fitness and wellness programs in schools. The grant is from the Los Angeles Rams, Real California Milk, representing California’s dairy farm families, and the National Foundation on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition, representing the Presidential Youth Fitness program. Brown also has his own non-profit called PURP ME where he spends his time uplifting others and helping them find their true passions.

Q & A with Jamon Brown

What does it mean to you to be Community Player of the Week?
Considering that we’ve switched locations and made a major move, and being that we are able to impact the community to make a difference, is huge. For a person like me who likes to help others, it’s nice to receive the recognition. I consider it an honor and we’ve got to keep building.

What is the importance of being involved with Fuel Up to Play 60 and other Play 60 initiatives?
It’s important for the kids to get out and get active because it helps build different characteristics like how to work, how to get up and grind, how to get up and chase your dreams. Seeing these kids and taking the time to come out shows a spark. Growing up, I didn’t have stuff like this. I wasn’t fortunate enough to make it to a Play 60 event of any kind. To experience it now and experience it with these kids is amazing. The kids are fortunate and I think they enjoy this time and I think some kids will walk away with a positive perspective.

You currently have your own non-profit titled PURP Me. How did you start it and what is the purpose of it?
PURP Me is a non-profit organization that myself, my best friend and my twin brother started back in 2013. We started with small acts of service that people considered community service. We’ve been to nursing homes and spent time with the elderly; we’ve been in schools trying to get kids to be aware that there are so many things in life. We don’t all have to be athletes. We can be musicians, doctors, IT guys, etc. Most of us live within our inner circles and live life without experiencing different things because we see certain platforms that may be appealing, but we don’t always chase what we truly dream. PURP Me was a way we started to make people aware of their passions in our community. It stands for People Uplifting Real People and it allows us to show how anyone can make a difference in the next person’s life. I’ve been inspired by elderly people, people with disabilities, people with sicknesses. Those are my idols and icons, even though I understand they may look at me and feel the same.

Where did your drive to be involved in the community come from?
I think it came about with time. It came with my lifestyle. I’ve made it where I am today, not because of solely me, but the people around me. I’ve had influences in my life that helped make things possible when my mom or dad weren’t able to and that’s what sparked my love to get involved. I want to use the platform I have and the things I’ve been blessed with to impact someone else. This is where my drive comes from because it was done for me. The feeling that anyone had helping me out, I know what it feels like now. When you help others, you can’t trade that feeling for anything.

Fire Round with Jamon Brown

Previously you and Rodger Saffold said you would host a show together. Who would be your first guest?
•    Todd Gurley

If you weren’t an NFL player, what would you be?
•    I would be a singer. I grew up singing Gospel so I’d choose that genre or Neo Soul R&B.

What is your favorite pre-game meal?
•    I need breakfast food no matter what time of day. I always have three eggs over medium, three strips of bacon, orange juice, apple juice and water. Also, my go-to for post-game recovery is milk, especially chocolate milk.

Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?
•    Skydiving

Favorite vacation spot?
•    Montego Bay, Jamaica

About the Rams Community Player of the Week Presented by Wells Fargo
Each week during the 2016 regular season, the Los Angeles Rams select a player to honor as the Rams Community Player of the Week. The program, presented by Wells Fargo, is intended to recognize players for the positive impact they make off the field and their commitment to serving the Greater Los Angeles Area.

In 2015, Wells Fargo team members volunteered more than 41,800 hours in the LA area. This week, the organization is proud to recognize Wells Fargo Community Player of the Week, Deborah Kristianto, a Home Mortgage consultant in Corona, for her excellence in caring for the community. Some of Deborah’s recent volunteerism activities include: chairing educational events where she teaches financial literacy courses, helping students from low to moderate income families take part in extra-curricular activities at a local high school, raising funding to help reduce homelessness and gathering diapers and other critical items for homeless babies and toddlers. For more information on Wells Fargo’s commitment to community service, visit