Community Player of the Week: Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn

Posted Dec 22, 2016

Each week, the Rams select a player to honor as the Rams Community Player of the Week. The program, presented by Wells Fargo, is intended to recognize players for the positive impact they make off the field.

The Los Angeles Rams announced Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn as the Rams Community Players of the Week for week 16 in recognition of their community outreach efforts throughout the season.

This week Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn help transition a single-mother and her six children from homelessness into housing. Not only did they get everything on her wish list for her and her kids, but they went above and beyond to fully furnish their new 4-bedroom apartment home. The Rams partnered with the LA Family Housing to identify a family in need. Austin is a 3rd year Wide Receiver form Baltimore, MD. Austin came out of West Virginia as a 1st round draft pick in 2013. Quinn is a 6th year Defensive End from Ladson, S.C.  Quinn came out of the University of North Carolina and was another 1st round draft pick that the Rams selected in 2011.

What does it mean to you to be involved in the community? (Tavon)
A lot of times there’s people that need help and there’s not always people in the position to help them. Me being where I am, being blessed and being from the similar situation that happened to them, it kind of just opened my eyes to help more on that type of deal. Anything that deals with struggle, I like to be involved with it. I want to be able to bless others and make an impact on their lives.

With the Holiday Season upon us, what does it mean to you? (Rob)
The holidays are a time to be around family, friends and loved ones. For me it’s also about giving back, especially this year. I’m blessed to be in the position I am and I wanted to be a blessing to others. I reached out to Erica about how I could help and she went and spoke with her team and reached out to a few organizations and we ended up learning about the Carter family. I knew Tavon had already donated to the family and I just told Erica to make sure Rebecca gets everything on her wish list for her and her family. She has worked hard to get back on her feet and I just found out yesterday that this will be there first Christmas having everyone together at a place they can call their home.

Was there ever a moment that triggered your willingness to make a difference? (Tavon)
I’m not going to sit here and say I never had help, but my mother didn’t allow people to help me. She worked herself and whatever it took for her to get things done, she did it. I was a different type of kid though. I didn’t ask for too much and whatever was given to me, that’s what I had. My drive was different, my approach was different and I want a lot of these kids to be different. Even if you don’t become a football player or basketball player there is something out here you can do to make money, that doesn’t involve trouble. Seeing my mother struggle and not having my father around, I knew I had to do something to take care of my family. I loved my step-father and he has always been there for me. I was tired of seeing my mother cry about the bad stuff, I wanted to see her cry about the good things that can happen. That’s what I want to do for others. There’s so many families that struggle, but they work hard to make a life for their kids.

Why is it important for you to use your platform? (Rob)
Honestly it’s not even about that. I have done well enough for myself and my family, and I’m in a position where I feel like I save well enough to be able to bless others. I wanted to be able to do something this year to really make it count. I wanted to be part of something that went beyond the holiday season. Something that was going to make a lasting impact on a family and me. This move has opened my eyes and sometimes as players we don’t realize how blessed we are. I’m just glad Tavon and I could do something life-changing for her and her kids.

Fire Round with Tavon Austin and Rob Quinn

Describe yourself in 5 words (Tavon)…
•    Responsible
•    Determined
•    Humble
•    Aggressive
•    Smart

Crocs or Dress Shoes? (Rob)
•    Crocs

Funniest teammate? (Tavon)
•    Benny Cunningham

Pregame ritual? (Both)
•    Listen to music and get in the zone

Favorite type of food to eat? (Rob)
•    Seafood

Favorite movie? (Tavon)
•    American Gangster

About the Rams Community Player of the Week Presented by Wells Fargo
Each week during the 2016 regular season, the Los Angeles Rams select a player to honor as the Rams Community Player of the Week. The program, presented by Wells Fargo, is intended to recognize players for the positive impact they make off the field and their commitment to serving the Greater Los Angeles Area.

In 2015, Wells Fargo team members volunteered more than 41,800 hours in the LA area. This week, the organization is proud to recognize Wells Fargo Community Player of the Week, Henry Duran, a Wells Fargo at Work program manager in Greater Los Angeles, who recently helped repair 110 bikes for Watts community residents.  The community came together to fix bicycles for neighbors who need transportation to and from work, and for children whose families could not afford to repair the bikes otherwise. For more information on Wells Fargo’s commitment to community service, visit