As a professional sports team, the Rams recognize their unique ability to help raise both awareness and money for issues and causes relevant to their fans and fellow citizens.  The organization is committed to being a valuable community partner and benefitting the bi-state region 365 days a year.

The Rams Community Outreach Team focuses substantial resources on efforts to engage youth in activities that promote health, fitness and character development. The team also participates in a variety of special events to raise awareness and funds for numerous local non-profits.  In addition to financial contributions, game tickets and autographed merchandise, the team works to support charitable partners with promotional support as well as player, cheerleader, mascot and staff involvement. The Rams believe this comprehensive approach provides its charitable partners with the most beneficial relationship possible.

For a more in-depth look at the organization’s off the field efforts and what the Rams are doing to make the bi-state area a better place, please visit


Date Game Winning Numbers Total Winning Pot
     Dec. 17th      Week 15 - vs. Buccaneers      #Q-41121      $15,812
     Dec. 13th      Week 14 - vs. Lions      #Q-68117      $14,880
     Dec. 6th      Week 13 - vs. Cardinals      #Q-52043      $15,528
     Nov. 15th      Week 10 - vs. Bears      #P-48185      $23,768
     Nov. 1st      Week 8 - vs. 49ers      #N-51731      $17,924
     Oct. 25th      Week 7 - vs. Browns      #M-67632      $12,968
     Sept. 27th        Week 3 - vs. Steelers           #L-77875      $18,756 
     Sept. 13th      Week 1 - vs. Seahawks      #K-84714      $15,452 
     Sept. 3rd      Preseason - vs. Chiefs      #J-53304      $6,484
     Aug. 29th      Preseason - vs. Colts      #J-26844      $6,060