Alexandra T.

Sales Department for Marriott

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Tenure: 2nd Year

College: Cal Poly Pomona


  1. Number of years dancing? 19 years
  2. Where have you danced? Los Angeles Rams, Ladies of Ontario Fury, Cal Poly Pomona, Talent Factory, Chino Hills High School
  3. Favorite style of dance? Jazz
  4. Favorite song to dance to? I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston
  5. Favorite food? Mexican food
  6. Favorite movie? Titanic, Saving Private Ryan
  7. Who would play you in a movie? Blake Lively
  8. Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere in Europe!
  9. Who inspires you the most? My grandpa. He was the most loving, hardest working, caring grandfather a little girl could look up to. 
  10. Most embarrassing dance memory? My first time doing a solo was at age 7. I had forgotten my dance on stage at my first competition and just stood there. Thankfully one of my best friends and my choreographer’s younger sister ran to the edge of the stage to help me finish my dance.
  11. Favorite dance memory? My favorite dance memory has been making the Los Angeles Rams this past season. It showed me that dreams do come true with hard work.
  12. What is your guilty pleasure? Anything chocolate!
  13. What are you looking forward to as a Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader? I am looking forward to building more memories with my Ramily and being able to have an impact in our community while doing the things I love!