2019 parking will go on sale during the summer!

Parking in USC Campus and Exposition Park lots are by permit only and there is no public parking in Exposition Park for Rams games. Additional overflow parking is available on USC Campus and the USC Parking Center. USC Gameday Traffic Flow will be in effect for guests driving to the Coliseum.

Please note, drivers may only make right turns onto streets around the Coliseum and USC to enter parking lots.

Parking lots open five hours prior to kickoff and close 90 minutes after the end of game. Vehicles must exit the stadium parking lots by 90 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

Parking in Exposition Park lots are by permit only.

Due to limited parking, fans are encouraged to take public transportation. For people who “Go Metro on Game Day,” the Coliseum is easily accessible from the following Metro stations: Expo Park/USC, Expo/Vermont, and 37th St/USC. More information can be found at


● Parking permit is valid only on game date listed and for the lot designated on the permit. ● Parking permit must be displayed inside your vehicle at all times. ● Only the physical parking permit will be accepted. Parking permits are not available electronically.

● Parking permits are non-refundable and cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, mutilated beyond recognition or if the wrong pass is brought to a game.

● Your parking permit will be for the lot or parking facility listed on the front of the permit, but not a specific space. Please be advised that a space will only be held for you up to 1 hour before kickoff.

● There is no re-entry for parking. Vehicles may not leave and re-enter the parking lot.

● Overnight parking and camping is prohibited.

● Parking lots and garages open 5 hours prior to kickoff and close 90 minutes after the end of event. Vehicles must exit the stadium parking lots by 90 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

● This permit requires a vehicle to be parked in the parking space.

● Tall vans, large SUVs, RVs or buses will not be accepted in any parking garage because of height restrictions.

● Exceptionally large vehicles (larger than a normal parking space) will require an RV pass.

● RV and bus parking (not exceeding 40-feet) is available at State Drive. Your parking permit must state “RV” on the FRONT to be used for a RV or bus.

● Neither the Los Angeles Rams, Exposition Park, University of Southern California, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum nor Classic Parking assumes liability due to fire, theft, damage to or loss of the vehicle or its contents.

● By accepting the privileges granted by this parking permit, for security reasons you expressly consent to the search of any vehicle parked within 200 feet of any stadium entrance gate.

● Failure to meet these terms and conditions may result in your vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense and loss of future parking permit privileges.


● Tailgating is only allowed in designated Exposition Park lots (Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 6, South Lawn and State Dr.) and the Gold Lot. Tailgating is not permitted in the Visitor Parking Structure, South Park Dr., Martin Luther King Blvd., or Expo Center Dr.

● There is NO TAILGATING on the USC Campus or USC Campus Parking Facilities during Los Angeles Rams games or events.

● All guests must be in possession of a valid game ticket or credential.

● Tailgating is allowed only in your parking space, in front of or behind your vehicle only. Tailgating equipment must not block pedestrian or vehicle access. The use of multiple spaces without a vehicle is prohibited.

● Empty spaces may not be reserved or used for the purpose of tailgating.

● Tailgating after kickoff is prohibited which includes the use of televisions, computers or other devices to view or project broadcasts of any kind.

● A small canopy (no larger than 8’x8’) may be erected in front of or behind your vehicle only.

● Glass containers or bottles are prohibited in all areas of Exposition Park. All drinks and items should be placed in plastic or disposable containers.

● Excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

● Barbecue grills (charcoal or gas) must be covered and raised off the ground. They cannot be set-up in areas of overhanging trees limbs or areas that have mulched ground-cover or wood-chips.

● Barbecue grills cannot be left unattended.

● Generators and grills must have a fire extinguisher present while in operation. Please use care when storing flammable materials and please be courteous to neighboring parking spaces in regards to noise and exhaust.

● Dispose used charcoal in marked dispensers. Never dispose used charcoal under or inside your vehicle.

● Open flames are prohibited in all parking lots. Makeshift barbecue grills or stand-alone fire pits will not be allowed.

● Box trucks, trailers, grill in-tow or any catering service from an outside source are not permitted in parking lots.

● Tailgating may not lock or restrict access to portable toilets. The use or creation of personal toilets or unregulated bathroom facilities is prohibited.

● Excessively loud noise or amplified music, such as a DJ or live band, is prohibited.

● Please clean up your area after your tailgate. Tied-up trash bags may be left in the lot for collection or disposed of in available dumpsters.

● The Coliseum Fan Code of Conduct will be enforced at all times during a Los Angeles Rams game or event.