Rally your family and friends for a great time with a modern twist as you play Rams Loteria. Designed by LA native and local artist Diego Mendoza, Rams Loteria features 24 custom designs of some your favorite players and Rams football moments.  

Similar to Bingo, Loteria is a game of chance! Call out of the names of the cards and the first to fill up the board wins! Want to play Rams Loteria with us?  

Join us for a free celebratory Dia de los Muertos event featuring Rams Loteria, Rams Mariachi and an ofrenda (alter to honor loved ones).

Also, play with us in the Corona Beach House 3 hours before game day for your chance to win cool prizes from the Rams and Corona! 

Upcoming Home Games:

  • November 17 vs. Chicago Bears
  • November 28 vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • December 8 vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • December 29 vs. Arizona Cardinals

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