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10 things with Aqib Talib


Each week during the season, we interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off of it. Team Reporter, Sarina Morales, asks the questions fans want to know, in a fun and conversational interview. This week, cornerback, Aqib Talib spoke to Sarina about the unwritten rule of football and how he feels about not being his son's favorite player on the Rams.

Sarina: What is the equivalent of getting a pick six for you.

Aqib: It's more than an interception. It's like eating a great dinner, but having a little bit of room for dessert. You know what I'm saying? So, you get like a good ass, hot chocolate chip cookie with some ice cream on it, and get to eat about half of that and just be real full. And you got the entire meal, pick six.


Sarina: I knew you wouldn't disappoint me. How does wearing your chain affect you in a game?

Aqib: I don't wear my chain in the game cause it's not a fashion show, it's a game. You know what I'm saying?


Sarina: Fill in the blank. Being a father is...

Aqib: Being a father is a blessing because every time you see them, kids are going to put a smile on your face. And honestly, they actually came out of me. So really, it's a little part of me right there. It's amazing to me. It's a blessing.


Sarina: Marcus Peters' kid loves Cooper Kupp, who do your kids cheer for?

Aqib: Oh my son [is] a big Todd Gurley fan.

Sarina: Oh yeah?

Aqib: Oh he want… (starts to impersonate his son) "Todd Gurley! See him on TV, DaDa, Todd Gurley." He is [the] number one Todd Gurley fan.

Sarina: There's no jealousy factor, right?

Aqib: Oh no, I love it man. I like my kids to like somebody else in football because that means, they [are] really watching the game. They [are] not just watching just because of me, they really enjoy football. I'll see him have his Ipad, he's watching Todd Gurley highlights. I just like the fact that he's watching football.

Sarina: And he's watching the other side of the ball, so he's paying attention to daddy and then...I got you.

Aqib: Right, exactly. He really likes football, so that's what I like.


Sarina: Why is Wade Phillips the coolest dude in the world?

Aqib: I think his style of coaching is just dope man. He's not really going to holler at you. He [is] going [to] get his point across. Guys [are] going to respect him. I think his coaching style makes him as cool as he is.

Sarina: Because he keeps it calm.

Aqib: He treats you like a grown man. He coaches you when he's supposed to coach. He corrects you when he supposed to correct you and it's not down your throat. I mean [i'm] not saying [there is anything] wrong with that style of coaching, but I think that's just what makes [him] so cool, his style of coaching.


Sarina: What was your first football memory?

Aqib: My first football memory...

Sarina: Take it back.

Aqib: Probably in Cleveland, across the street, eight on eight, playing the next dudes from around the block. You know what I'm saying? And playing, being the youngest guy out there and they put like the sorry kid on me. Cause I'm the youngest one. I played with my brother and them, they all older. So, I'm like the youngest one out there, so they had put the sorry dude on me. And I kill him and take out and score a touchdown. You know what I'm saying?

Sarina: You were that kid?

Aqib: I was that kid. I was like… "I'm the little one, right?" So they [are] like, "You going go to guard the little [guy]." So I kill him out, and score a [touchdown.] That's my first football memory.

Sarina: …I know you're from Cleveland. I saw you post a picture and I was just like, "Huh, I wonder if that sparks… "Oh man. Back in the good old days".

Aqib: It definitely do.

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Sarina: When did you realize, "Oh… I'm a veteran in the league"?

Aqib: I'll say probably when I was in Denver.

Sarina: After the (Super) Bowl?

Aqib: Probably before the Bowl. Probably my second year in Denver. Probably my championship year. I was 29… and I had my birthday coming up and stuff and then just all the 30 jokes from Von [Miller] and Chris [Harris Jr.] and all of them guys and all the 30 jokes. I was like, "Damn, I really [am] the vet in the locker room now". So probably around there.

Sarina: Was that a point in your career where you're like, maybe I should speak up or…

Aqib: I've always been vocal. I [am] going to speak my mind and be a leader. It didn't really matter my age. Age didn't have [anything] to do with it. That's just when I figured out, I'm really is a vet in the locker room. I'm not like the young dude in the locker room [any] more.


Sarina: What's the unwritten rule of football?

Aqib: [The] unwritten rule of football is no kill shots in the preseason. We ain't going [to] do that. We [are] going to take care of each other. I could hate you, but we [are] going to take care of each other in the preseason. If I could not hit you that hard and keep you up. You know what I'm saying? That's the unwritten rule of preseason. We don't kill dudes and you ain't going to hit dudes low in their careers and stuff in the preseason.

Sarina: Other teams?

Aqib: Even other teams, we not going to do that to them in the preseason. So in the real game, we going to play full speed. In preseason and you're going to let off a little bit and protect God, protect each other.

Sarina: That must be hard though, cause you…

Aqib: No, it is way easier than you think. It ain't rocket science, you either hit him hard or you don't.


Sarina: Random question, how do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

Aqib: I don't have a problem with pineapple on pizza. A barbecue chicken pizza and they put a couple of slices of pineapple on there. I'm all for that. I like that.

It's more than an interception. It's like eating a great dinner, but having a little bit of room for dessert. Aqib Talib

Sarina: And then finally, how would you describe football to someone who has no idea, anything about the game?

Aqib: I would say it is the ultimate team sport. No one individual can win a football game. It's the ultimate team sport, that's why it is the best sport ever made.


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