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Something to prove | 10 things with Brycen Hopkins 

Each week, I interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off it. This week, tight end Brycen Hopkins shares which coach is full of wisdom, what he expects from this offense and why his height keeps him off the dance floor.  


1. Watch out!

Sarina: Fill in the blank. The Rams' offense this season will be _.

Brycen: Explosive!

2. Everyone can do everything

Sarina: What are you most excited about when it comes to this offense?

Brycen: Versatility. A lot of our offense is based around everybody knowing every position. A lot of people can play a lot of different spots and that's exciting just to know that we have players that can do that.


3. Cheering for Matthew

Sarina: What teammate, are you most excited to see thrive this season and why?

Brycen: Matthew Stafford. I think a lot of people are expecting him to do big things and I hope there's not some sort of pressure built up on him. I know there is obviously. But he's a good player and I'm excited to see what he can do with our offense too!

4. The Wise Wes

Sarina: How would you describe [Tight Ends Coach] Wes Philips to someone who doesn't know him?

Brycen: Wes Phillips is a character. It sounds broad, but he's a great guy, he knows what he's talking about. He's got a lot of wisdom in that head of his and he's willing to give you advice. He's just a great guy all around. He just wants to see everybody succeed, so he's going to kind of push you. He seems very relaxed on the outside, but he's thinking. He's locked in.


5. In the car

Sarina: You like cars so much, what's something that you always have in your car?

Brycen: Chapstick! I don't know what it is, but I lose them all the time. I don't have them in the house, but I know there's one in my car somewhere!

6. Chicken Fried

Sarina: You are from just outside Nashville, Tennessee. Who is your favorite country singer or what is your country song?

Brycen: I like a lot of Zac Brown Band. They just have some constant bangers.

7. Too tall

Sarina: Would you rather go listen to live music, or go dancing?

Brycen: I'd rather go listen to live music. I've always been just too tall. I can't just be out there just breaking it down out there. People would turn their heads, who is this big dude out there? (laughs) That's my brother. My brother is the one dancing all the time.


8. Go go Goals

Sarina: Goal for 2021?

Brycen: I just want to take advantage of my opportunities as much as I can this season. Every single rep going into training camp I have something to prove. Obviously, I haven't had as much opportunity as I would like to in the past; considering we couldn't even be at the facility until later. But now that I have a lot and everything underneath me right now, I feel a little more grounded. I just want to use that foundation to just push myself even further and just go.

9. Wolford wins

Sarina: What teammate would you take with you on a game show?

Brycen: John Wolford. I'm taking John Wolford for sure!


10. Hello Brycen

Sarina: You run into fellow Hopkins…Anthony Hopkins, the actor, in an elevator. What do you say to him?

Brycen: Oh, I've been scarred by the movie Silence of the Lambs since I was a little kid. He might just have to stay over there. You just don't get on the elevator, don't get in, he can go up by himself. I might say "Oh my god, it's you. It's great to meet you. Go ahead, I'll get the next one."


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