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8 things about Malcolm Brown


Each week during the season, we interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off of it. Team Reporter, Sarina Morales, asks the questions fans want to know, in a fun and conversational interview. This week, running back, Malcolm Brown spoke to Sarina about sounding like Barry White, looking like 50 Cent and about the misconception about being a running back.

Sarina: What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?

Malcolm: I didn't really do Halloween like that… Last year, I did 50 Cent.

Sarina: Oh yeah, you did! That was good.

Sarina: Where did [your twitter handle] Malley Cat come from?

Malcolm: Malley Cat. It was [from] a movie. There was a movie called The Aristocats. Old school movie. My uncle, he started calling me that when I was younger. I really set it up [as my Twitter handle] because I couldn't think of [anything] from my [childhood] when I first made it in college. And then some of the fans started calling me that, so I just kept Malley Cat.


Sarina: What's your favorite thing about being a professional athlete, but as it relates to your life outside of football?

Malcolm: Dang. See, I started thinking about my little camp but that's a football camp. Let me see. I'm trying to think of one.

Sarina: Going to the supermarket and carrying extra grocery bags. You know, having a six-pack all the time.

Malcolm: Oh! Having a beach bod. That's a good one.

Sarina: Right. You're always beach-ready.

Malcolm: Always beach-ready.

MAlcolm Brown running

Sarina: What's a misconception about running backs?

Malcolm: I feel like a lot of people… watch, but they don't really know what's [going on]. [We're] not just out there getting the ball and running. It's a lot of schemes…

Sarina: It's not as easy as just running through an Olinemen and being like, "Oh look, there's a gap there."

Malcolm: Right. It's harder than what people think. We feel those hits. It's not just getting the ball and running with it. [There's] a lot of stuff going on out there.


Sarina: To follow up with that, fill-in-the-blank. Sean McVay's offense is...

Malcolm: Sean McVay's offense is... I want a good word, let see. I might have to phone a friend. (Calls Tyler Higbee over)

Sarina: Phone a friend.

Malcolm: Sean McVay's offense is...

Tyler Higbee: Spectacular. I got another one for you. I got another one for you. Sensational. (says he's impersonating the rapper Future)

Malcolm: That's the one I want to use right there, sensational.

Sarina: So, there's a lot of boys, actually your boy [Tyler Higbee]. Florida boys. And they're like, "Ah, Florida's f..." (Malcolm cuts in before Sarina can say 'football'.)

Malcolm: Right.

Sarina: Exactly. You know where I'm going with this. Texas football, then...

Malcolm: Texas against Florida? Come on now, it's Texas. Come on man! That ain't a question.

Sarina: [I'm] from New York. Help me understand…

Malcolm: They probably got some more speed out there and some more raw talent…

Sarina: So, what is Texas football?

Malcolm: I feel like a Texas football player [is] going to be structured. He's going to be disciplined. He's going to know exactly what to do because we start so young out there. You're learning when you're so young. But Florida, they definitely got the raw talent. The raw athletes.

Sarina: So you get the athlete [from] Florida, but you get the overall, I-know-everything-going-on [from] Texas.

Malcolm: And don't even put [California] in that. No. Don't even put it that. If you want to argue against Texas football, it's only Florida. If you really want to argue, but Cali… nope.


Sarina: Who was a hero growing up for you? I know that you do your camps and stuff, and the kids are like, "Oh my God, Malcolm Brown!" So, who was that guy for you? Or girl?

Malcolm: Oh man. My favorite professional athlete… Vince Carter. I just loved him. He was just explosive.

Sarina: And he's still playing!

Malcolm: Yeah, he's a highlight reel. Yeah, Vince Carter that was my favorite.

Sarina: That NBA dunk contest.

Malcolm: Yeah, for sure. For sure. Iconic.


Sarina: Finally… a skill you have, that you wished you used more.

Malcolm: I just might have a little secret talent of singing. Maybe.

Sarina: Oh word? In the car?

Malcolm: Yeah, in the car, in the shower and all that.

Sarina: But it's just a secret… that maybe you would like to use if you were in a boy band?

Malcolm: Oh yeah. For sure, For sure.

Sarina: Like R&B? Or are we going full-on Backstreet Boys?

Malcolm: Oh, no no no. I can't. See, because they [are] dancing too.

Sarina: You're just the singing.

Malcolm: Just smoothing and...

Sarina: Are you like in the back for Boys to Men? Like, "Doo-do-do, Baby, you know it's been a long time."

Malcolm: Barry White or something.

Sarina: Oh, Barry White. Okay!

Malcolm: I can knock. I can get up there now. I can get hit a couple notes.

Sarina: Karaoke?

Malcolm: Maybe. But we ain't... You can't ask me. I might be walking past you and you might just hear it.

Sarina: And I'll be like, "Is that the voice of an angel? Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus."

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